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On The MIC *Cover* Series Debut: "I Know You" by Faye Webster performed by planet zuz

This week we are launching The MIC MG's On The MIC Cover Series! After releasing three incredible seasons of our On The MIC YouTube Series including all original music from indie artists, we're launching something new: an On The MIC Cover series! Now, you'll get to hear your favorite artists, playing their favorite artists. From their biggest influences to their favorite cover tune they jam out to live, you'll see it exclusively on The MIC MG's YouTube channel!

For our very first episode, we're On The MIC with planet zuz performing Faye Webster's "I Know You."

Why planet zuz chose "I Know You"

"I chose this song because it’s simple yet telling — it says so much in so few words and chords, and I love that in music; the ability to be deeply poetic and relatable while maintaining simplicity. I also love simplicity because I’m a beginner in guitar and this song is very easy to play haha.

Read more about planet zuz here

  Check out planet zuz's performance "On The MIC" below!


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