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Meet planet zuz: The MIC's November Musician of the Month

Updated: Jan 10

Meet planet zuz

planet zuz

Planet Zuz, a rising musical luminary, emerges from a diverse and artistic upbringing that laid the foundation for their entrancing musical journey. With roots in musical theater, acting, and a devout engagement in the choir within the backdrop of a Catholic school, Planet Zuz's formative years were a harmonious blend of artistic experiences. From a young age, their innate singing talent was evident, often revealed through spontaneous performances and dulcet tones humming in the background. High school marked the onset of their musical experimentation, as they began crafting their own compositions using GarageBand loops. Seizing every opportunity to perform, both within school and at external venues, Planet Zuz embarked on a path of self-discovery through music. Today, they stand at the precipice of a new era, fervently embracing the challenge of creating their own distinctive and authentic sound, navigating the intricate landscape of music composition. This November, The MIC is celebrating planet zuz, as our MIC Musician of the Month!

Genre: Lofi Indie Bedroom Pop/Alt Indie

Artist Name: planet zuz - solo artist

Fun Facts: "I've had two pet bunnies, I'm a witch, and in my free time I write fanfiction (no shame)."

What Makes planet zuz Stand Out?

"What makes me stand out is my personable energy and the warmth that I bring to a stage. I appreciate artists who have a shtick and a look or a character they adhere to, and while I subscribe to that to an extent, I also try to be as genuine as possible in life and on stage. I think I curate a welcoming experience for listeners and I allow them to step into planet zuz."

planet zuz

What is planet zuz known for?

"I would say I'm most known for curating a very calming, relaxing sound, but also music that you can dance to sometimes. My songs are often very melancholic and deep, but still have that essence of a good vibe."

What has planet zuz been working on?

New track, "play pretend"

"This song, "play pretend," to me, is about the ways we can resort to desperate measures to get the attention of someone who may not be taking us seriously — knowing that you both want to go the extra step, but something emotional / maturity-wise is blocking you. I did this project with dreamingofmars who features on this track and also produced it— and we are both so proud of how it came out. When I listen to this song, I get so overwhelmed with the beauty of collaborating with someone who gets you!"

"play pretend" planet zuz and dreamingofmars

Words from planet zuz?

"For me, being a singer is about reaching into really deep, shadowy, vulnerable spots and bringing them to light— not necessarily trivializing what I go through, but expressing it in a way that is not just relatable but transports the listener and myself to the place I’m at. That’s one of the reasons I go by planet zuz — all my music is made on planet zuz."

planet zuz

Do you have any advice for other aspiring independent musicians?:

"TALK about your music to other people! make it your “opening statement”, but give yourself space to just exist as who you are and not a machine. I’ve struggled with feeling like I’m not doing enough compared to my peers, but manifestation, rest, and putting yourself out there until people care, goes a long way. Make things that you like, don’t worry about how it’s perceived — be bold and brave with your art. No compromises!" -planet zuz

Listen to planet zuz


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