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On The MIC with Jeremy Abrams: "Fear" by Cory Wells Cover

On this episode of our On The MIC Cover Series, we're treated to Cory Well's "Fear," covered by Jeremy Abrams!

Why Jeremy Abrams Rocks:

  • songwriter and music producer

  • his music draws inspiration from personal experiences of love, loss, and longing

  • his debut EP, Everything I Wanted, is out now!

Why Jeremy Abrams chose "Fear"

The song I chose is "Fear" by Cory Wells, one of my favorite artists and biggest inspirations. This song in particular is really special to me because I performed it at my very first open mic night as I was beginning my journey as an artist nearly 2 years ago. Now, with my first releases under my belt and more on the way, I wanted to honor that memory with this cover.

  Check out Jeremy Abrams's performance "On The MIC" below!


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