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On The MIC with Love? Said the Commander performing "Drive"

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

Love? Said the Commander released their fifth EP, In the Kitchen, just two weeks ago! Now they're on the mic to give us an exclusive performance of their track "Drive" from their latest release! Enjoy this artsy performance from Kate and Christopher of Love? Said the Commander!

  • their band name. took it from a quote of The Handmaid's Tale

  • from Philajersey!! aka Philadelphia/ New Jersey area

  • embraces 'maximal minimalism'

  • create slow burning indie-folk that'll make ya feel stuff.

About "Drive"

""Drive" is the third track off our latest EP, "In the Kitchen," (dropped 11/11) which was recorded live in Kate's kitchen over the course of one humid September day. We also simultaneously mic'ed up her front porch, capturing the ambient sounds of New Jersey suburbia - including, cars, planes, bugs, animals, and people. You can find "In the Kitchen" wherever you stream your music + Bandcamp!" -Love? Said the Commander

About In the Kitchen

"In the Kitchen is the latest EP from the PhilaJersey indie-folk duo Love? said the Commander. Its six songs were recorded live (with no overdubs) in Kate’s kitchen over the course of one humid day in September. Each track features the ambient noises of a suburban New Jersey neighborhood, including cars, planes, birds, bugs, and people. All of the outside sounds happened exactly when they appear and were not added later. ‘In the Kitchen’ is meant to capture the duo’s live sound and make listeners feel like they were in the kitchen with them on that toasty late-summer day. Listening with a good pair of headphones is highly recommended in order to best enjoy the beautiful neighborhood sounds."

-Love? Said the Commander

Check out Love? Said the Commander's performance "On The MIC" below!


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