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On The MIC with Sean Tobin performing "I'll Be Alright"

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

Sean Tobin just released his third full length album Ghost of the Arcade with his band 'Sean Tobin & the Boardwalk Fire' in June of this year. Now Sean Tobin is solo on The MIC to give us a stripped down performance of the last track off that record, "I'll Be Alright"!

Why Sean Tobin Rocks

  • born & raised on the jersey shore

  • influenced by folk-singers and high-energy rockers

  • grew up performing in the nj bar scene

  • busked in the streets of Galway, Ireland from 2015-2017!! (how cool)

About "I'll Be Alright"

""I'll Be Alright" is the last track on Ghost of the Arcade. Released in June of 2022, this track culminates the instruments, themes and energy of the album, and leaves listeners with a sense of hope for its narrator. " -Sean Tobin

About Sean Tobin's backing band the "Boardwalk Fire"

Tobin and his backing band, the Boardwalk Fire, are a tireless, high-powered rock group that blow the roof off of every venue they play. From hard-hitting drum fills and ambient fiddle riffs, to crunchy guitars and booming bass-lines, the band invites any crowd in for a show that will make them forget about life for a while. With two full-length albums, two EPs and dozens of shows under their belts, Sean Tobin & the Boardwalk Fire released their third studio album, Ghost of the Arcade, in June of 2022.

Check out Sean Tobin's performance "On The MIC" below!


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