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On The MIC with The Brothers Union performing "Mirror in the Woods"

Four-piece indie-alt outfit from Monmouth County, NJ are here On The MIC to give us an exclusive live performance of their track "Mirror in the Woods"!

Why The Brothers Union Rocks

  • made up of 2 real brothers: vocalists Mike and Sean O’Reilly

  • 1 lifelong friend: drummer Alec Wagstaff

  • 1 guitarist: Tony Chrysanthopoulos

  • just released a full length album "Esoteric" in June of 2022

  • concept album about existentialism, love and life’s mysteries

About "Mirror in the Woods"

"This song is about life passing you by intensely and by the time you know it time will be up for us all. Time is not on our side and that there is more to what meets the human eye. Just trying to do the best I can in this incarnation. “Circling down again” in the chorus refers to what if we keep coming back as ourselves over and over or as something else. " -The Brothers Union

Check out The Brothers Union performance "On The MIC" below!


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