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On The MIC with The Lightning Bug Situation performing "Crazy Stuff"

Light up your day with this week's episode of On The MIC! Brian Miller of The Lightning Bug Situation performs his track "Crazy Stuff" from his album You're Always on my Mind.

Why The Lightning Bug Situation Rocks

  • was the guitarist for alt-country singer Jolie Holland (who was on Tom Waits' Anti- label)

  • toured the world a couple times

  • was also one-half of the Philly duo "The Moon and the Tiger" with rapper Sterling Duns

About "Crazy Stuff"

"This is a live version of a song that appears on my latest album (the album's called "You're Always on My Mind,") and this version is performed with my wife Nancy, a drum machine, and a looper pedal. The song's about the leap of faith that it takes to get to know somebody on a deeper level, because no matter who you are, there's always some hard, difficult, painful, kinda wild stuff in there that you gotta get to know if you want to be close to another person." -Brian Miller

Check out The Lightning Bug's performance "On The MIC" below!


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