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Our Future Leaders Release a Remix to their Popular Track "You're the Void (86 Crush Remix)"

Our Future Leaders rock the house all over central Florida. Following the success of their first EP in 2011, they’ve played many of Orlando’s most prominent venues, including the House of Blues and the Florida Music Fest sharing the bill with notable artists like The Dirty Heads, Filter, and Candlebox. Since, they’ve released four singles, with the latest remix just released this year. For “You’re the Void (86 Crush Remix),” Our Future Leaders collaborate with artist and producer 86 Crush to breathe new air into their 2019 single. Most recently, 86 Crush has been experimenting with Sythwave; he says, “I think Synthwave has a reputation for being associated with cheesy 80’s music, which has never been my goal. To me, Synthwave is just another term for Electronic Music that happens to use sounds from vintage machines. I am to use the current technology to hybridize everything.” Let’s dig into the long story short about this track.

"You're the Void (86 Crush Remix)"

Guitar, Vocals, Lyrics: Brian Strean

Production: 86 Crush

Mastered: Audio Animals

In the words of Our Future Leaders: "This song actually started as a different type of collaboration with another artist. 86 Crush sent over the music with a female singer and very "poppy" lyrics and asked if I could add some cool guitars to it. The guitars came together really well, but we didn't think the singer or the lyrics really fit the vibe of the track. I heard a cool new vocal hook in my head, recorded it in my makeshift vocal booth, then 86 Crush put some magic dust on it, and the result was this explosive chorus that felt like walking away from an explosion in slow motion."

Photo Credit: 86 Crush

LONG STORY SHORT: The original release of "You're the Void" presents a more minimalistic approach to a rock track. For the remix, 86 Crush offers a new and more modern take on what rock music can be. The empty spaces are filled in while keeping the energy and highlighting the strong vocals. "You're the Void (86 Crush Remix)" has powerful build-ups and fresh synth lines moving in the background, supporting but never taking away from the track. Although the song offers a dark subject matter and lyrical content with the hook, "You're just a void/Just emptiness out of sight/I don't have to scream," it keeps the eerie mood while still getting the listener to head bob along.


Stream "You're the Void (86 Crush Remix)" below!


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