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Record Rewind: The Quivering Palm's 2021 Debut EP 'Back Around Again for the First Time' Features a Palette of Sounds

The Quivering Palm, a one-person band helmed by Kevin "KP" Hahn, single-handedly crafts each song, plays every instrument and co-produces the recordings. The sound of TQP deftly straddles the line between alternative and the familiar, blending indie rock with electronic pop, all tinged with, as Kevin calls it, "a touch of madness." Their debut EP, "Back Around Again for the First Time," released in July 2021, steadily built a dedicated following. Notably, The Quivering Palm achieved 1st runner-up in two prestigious UK songwriting contests: the 2023 Radio WIGWAM Awards and the 2023 Lights and Lines Album Writing Club. Today we take a look into this this 2021 TQP record!

The Quivering Palm Photo Credit: Tammy Richie

Photo Credit: Tammy Richie

Back Around Again for the First Time

Sequencing, Guitars, Vocals: Kevin Patrick Hahn

Recorded and Mixed: Jamie and Jesse Smith at Studio 1

Mastered: Jon Tranberry at Ouibeatough Studio

Re-mastered: Kevin Patrick Hahn at Uncontrollable Hideous Studio

In the words of The Quivering Palm: "This is the debut EP of The Quivering Palm. It marks a period of transition, the first time I focused on a completely solo project rather than one of the bands I've played in (Tasha's Laughter, Stellar Vector, The Cans, Fastest Turbo Fire Engine).

Lyrically, it's filled with themes of rebellion, dystopia, unfulfilled dreams, heartache, love, the daily grind, and the destructive nature of gossip."

The Quivering Palm 'Back Around Again for the First Time' Album Art Kevin Patrick Hahn

Album Art Credit: Kevin Patrick Hahn

LONG STORY SHORT: The Quivering Palm's Back Around Again for the First Time, like an artist's palette, explores a wide array of genres and sonic landscapes. "Nowhere" sets the tone with its atmospheric soundscape, gradually building to a grungy, supernatural crescendo. "The Wait" channels Nirvana vibes, while "Shitlist" employs vocal harmonies and a live-set ambiance, with vocals initially submerged in the mix before featuring a melodic chorus grappling with relationship complexities, as heard in lines like, "I know the list goes on and on/What is yours is mine and mine is lost." "Tale of the Kagonesti" ventures into more melodic territory, showcasing Hahn's vocal range. "Another Day" revives the alternative punk energy, characterized by muddy, grunge-infused elements. Finally, "Curses, Stones, And Rags" closes the EP with a funky guitar line and an expansive guitar solo, across the expansive 5:22 track.

"Nowhere" Official Music Video


Stream Back Around Again for the First Time below!


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