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The Sounds of One Grand Rube Goldberg Machine:The Quivering Palm’s “Perpetual Motion Vol. 1"

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

Kevin “KP” Hahn has bred his favorite elements of alt-rock, indie pop, and electronica to create his own sound and solo project, ‘The Quivering Palm.’ Under this moniker, he has steadily released music since 2021, first with his Back Around Again for the First Time EP, followed by a Christmas single and another more prog-rock-inspired “Bittersweet Escapes” in September of 2022. Minnesota native Hahn also was named the first runner-up for the 2022 Wigwam Award for Best International Male Artist. Next in the works for The Quivering Palm is another EP release, which will be the first of a trilogy leading into one complete 18-track album. This March 24th, the first piece of the trilogy will be released, “Perpetual Motion Vol. 1.”

Perpetual Motion Vol. 1

Music, Lyrics: Kevin Patrick Hahn

Recorded, Mixed: Jamie Smith at Studio 1

Mastered: Jon Tranberry at Ouibeatough Studio

Cover Art: Kevin Patrick Hahn Uncontrollable Hideous Songs (ASCAP)

In the words of The Quivering Palm: "The idea of perpetual motion, although unrealistic, fascinated me in my youth. I used to draw imaginary machines like the one shown in the album's cover art that could almost work in the real world if it weren't for those pesky laws of physics."

LONG STORY SHORT: Perpetual Motion Vol.1 covers an incredible array of genres for only being a six-track EP. From progressive rock to heavier grunge metal, this record has it all. The third track, “In the Zone,” takes it down a notch and serves as an excellent middle track and palette cleanser, as a softer lyric-less “Wish You Were Here.” “Perpetual Motion” sounds like what the album art looks like. Lastly, “Number One Hit,” the final track, caps off the record with a nice indie classic rock bow. The entire record is one grand Rube Goldberg Machine, with one genre swinging or falling into the next. If you’re looking for an indie EP with a lot of variety, Perpetual Motion Vol.1 is for you. And stay tuned for the next three installments of the record!


Stream Perpetual Motion Vol.1 below!


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