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Sean Kelly and The Samples Rock Sparta's Krogh's for an Intimate Friday Night Show

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Colorado band, The Samples, led by Sean Kelly visit Krogh's Restaurant and Brew Pub in Sparta

Sean Kelly The Samples-THEMIC

Friday was a gorgeous summer night, with crisp air and clear skies; a perfect night to start at Krogh's Nest before the 10 pm show with Sean Kelly and The Samples. Krogh's closed their extended dining room with a curtain to remove tables and set up the band. Arriving promptly for the 9:30 doors, the bar was packed with patrons and excitement, waiting for the curtains to open.

The Samples-THEMIC

But they didn't open at 10:00 pm. They didn't open at 10:15; actually, they didn't open until about 10:40.

While it seemed like soundcheck was going on during this time, the antsy crowd jumped at any strum of the guitar, even starting to sing along to soundcheck choruses.

Pulling back the black curtain, the packed bar crowd rushed into the next room and immediately began moving. They first performed all plugged-in rocking hits with the audience circling, swaying, and singing back all their lyrics in unison. The vocals of all band members meshed so effortlessly with electrifying harmonies. Leader Sean Kelly ripped through riffs and played slower melodic tracks.

Taking a break from the whole band, Kelly created an even more intimate acoustic set with his fellow guitarist before their bassist took center stage on the guitar to play one of his Candian favorites. Then back on track, The Samples closed the night and plugged in for another fully-charged set. The audience was enthralled in every song, only leaving the dancefloor to refill their cups. The audience responded to each song selection in stereo, revitalized with every drum beat.

Krogh's is quaint, making it feel like you were watching your favorite band play in your basement, sharing the same wine and passing around a vape pen.

The Samples-THEMIC

LONG STORY SHORT: Sean Kelly was nonchalant, youthful, and witty, speaking to the crowd between tracks in his bleach-stained t-shirt, worn inside out. His vocals remain timeless, strong with great intonation, whether rocking a Samples classic or strumming to an acoustic tune. Together, The Samples rocked for an intimate, unforgettable night.

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