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Squares' New Music Video "Nostalgic" Explores the Perils of Returning to a Toxic Love

Indie pop-rock outfit Squares is led by multi-instrumentalist Chris Barrett. Based in Washington, D.C., Barrett creates tunes pulling from many of his musical influences and rock roots. Earlier this year, Squares released their debut album, Mountains, a record that Barrett aims to inspire the next generation of creators and musicians because music has been his saving grace through his struggles with mental health. This week the band released a music video for their track "Nostalgic," a song that Barrett explains has two meanings, "it describes a relationship, but it also speaks to [my] own relationship with music. There are a lot of ups and downs with this craft, but the amazing thing is that you can express yourself through this outlet to tell people how you're feeling and what you've been through, and we all get to experience it through these amazing sonic wavelengths." Let's dig into the music video.

'Mountains' album by Squares


Songwriting/Composition: Squares

Produced, Mixed, Mastered: Shawn Delong, Squares

Cover Art: Rolan Mayo

Music Video

Director: Squares

Video filmed: Rolan Mayo

Directed: Squares

In the words of Squares: "Nostalgic," in my mind, is the song that drives the whole new album Mountains. On every album, there usually a song that an artist believes in with their whole heart and the personal favorite, and this is definitely that song for me. The song describes the feeling of being in a relationship that you are reluctant to start up again after taking a break because you know almost certainly that things may get toxic. But you're so intoxicated by this euphoric love for the person that you can't help but want to enter into the relationship again.

Sonically, it blends the very vibey sound of the lo-fi world with an indie rock touch and a surface layer of the beautiful soul music of the 1960s and 70s Motown sound, a la Marvin Gaye, Otis Redding, and Al Green. I'm elated about this one!

chris barrett squares

LONG STORY SHORT: Squares "Nostalgic" video is an excellent representation of stepping back into a toxic relationship you've tried before. The video walks you through the story of feeling like you're reliving the past despite the initial lust and highs of a rekindled relationship. Ultimately, you begin to drown, battling old memories and problems that make their way back to the surface. "Nostalgic" will entice you with an '80s-influenced guitar riff and a catchy hook. The song is a classic 'Let's try this again' narrative that almost everyone can resonate with, but it's in an upbeat bop this time!


Stream "Nostalgic" below!


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