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Squares Takes You on a Trip of Intoxicating Lust in New Single "Light of You"

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

Squares is a group from Washington, D.C., creating indie rock and pop to stay in your head for days. Created by multi-instrumentalist Chris Barrett, Squares aims to pay homage to Barrett's many musical influences and rock roots. Their first release, "S.O.S," captured a retro vibe with a modern twist. Now the group is back with their debut full-length record, Mountains. Chris explains that with this release, his "goal is to speak to the young person out there who doesn't have any idea what they want to do in the world and hopefully inspire and influence them to be passionate about music and pursue it because I was that young person. And music has been an absolute lifesaver for me." Barrett also opens up musically about his struggles with mental health and panic attacks for the first time with tracks like "Rescue." Through this release, he hopes to shed more light on mental health challenges and remind everyone to seek help if they're struggling and know they're not alone. Mountains also take on other themes like unrequited love in "Light of You."

"Light of You"

Songwriting/Composition: Squares

Produced, Mixed, Mastered: Shawn Delong, Squares

Cover Art: Rolan Mayo

Music Video

Director: Squares

Filmed by: Kay Maker Short

Filmed at: Crescendo Studios

In the words of Squares: "One of the main things I’m so excited about with the release of “Mountains,” is the fact that everyone who listens will finally get a chance to see my versatility. I have so many different types of music that have influenced me so I’m so glad for that to be represented on this album."

LONG STORY SHORT: "Light of You" will take you on a familiar cruise of unrequited love and obsessive passion. Their catchy hook outlines this relationship as Squares sings their catchy hook "Cause I'm dancing/In the light of you/While I was spacing/Caught sight of you." The captivating nature of the track is felt through the groovy bass line and is further illustrated by the music video. "Light of You" is a psychedelic pop song that feels like a spaced-out trip of being intoxicated by lust.


Stream "Light of You" below!


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