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Stefan West's "Take What You Need": A Lyrically Heavy, Musically Upbeat Journey

Nestled in the picturesque coastal haven of Geelong, Victoria, Australia, emerges indie artist, Stefan West. Fusing together influences from alt-rock and indie pop and bands like Blink 182, The Killers, and The Rolling Stones, West crafts his own authentic sound.

For Stefan West, songwriting emerged as his lifeline during the struggle of addiction recovery. It allowed him to articulate pain and find solace. In tandem, he embraced yoga and meditation, embarking on a journey of self-discovery and inner healing. Through his highly anticipated single, "Take What You Need," we get a glimpse into Stefan's transformative debut album, Cambridge, a work of art that promises to be as profound as it is melodically captivating. Let's take a deeper dive into the track.

Stefan West

"Take What You Need" Songwriting: Stefan West, Aaron Schembri

Recording, Production: Chris Gatz at GM Sound Studios

In the words of Stefan West: "This song was actually written whilst working a trade job around 3 years ago in the beginning of COVID. I remember climbing up and down a ladder to voice note different lines of the verse. I then fleshed the song out further with Aaron Schembri, before going in to record it with Chris at the end of 2021."

Stefan West "Take What You Need"

LONG STORY SHORT: Stefan West's "Take What You Need" starts strong with riffing guitar and tight drums, before West's smooth vocals enter. The track is compact, being 2:46, but carries depth in its arrangement and lyricism. The chorus has the synergy of a pop-punk track with the addition of horns. While the opening line outlines a sense of freedom of running away with a band on the road, you suddenly taste the agony of addiction and invisibility. West pleads to be seen singing, "No one understanding of who I was," and explains the feeling of being depleted, "Take what you need, just watch me bleed." Stefan West's"Take What You Need" is a poignant soul-searching journey that is lyrically heavy while being musically upbeat.

Stefan West


Stream "Take What You Need" below!


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