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Sucker Punch Teams Up with Fellow New Jerseyan, Chris LoPorto, for "I’m Ready To Ride Giants, Kunu"

Sucker Punch is an emerging band deeply rooted in the New Jersey and Philly DIY punk scenes. Drawing inspiration from bands like The Story So Far, early Fall Out Boy, and New Found Glory, they bridge the gap between 2000s emocore and today's emo and pop punk movements. Their music combines self-reflective lyrics with infectious riffs and melodies, reflecting a personal and passionate approach to alternative music. Originally a solo project, the band has since evolved into a tight-knit group of lifelong friends. Their upcoming EP, "Better Pleasures," promises a more dynamic and anthemic direction for their sound. Releasing the first single off the record last month, "Worst Case Ontario", the band is back with another single, this time collaborating with fellow New Jerseyian, Chris LoPorto of Can’t Swim for their latest banger,"I'm Ready To Ride Giants, Kunu."

Sucker Punch by Alex Collins

Photo Credit: Alex Collins

"I’m Ready To Ride Giants, Kunu"

Songwriting: Sucker Punch Performance: Sucker Punch, Chris LoPorto

Production: Pat Risi of Bear Away Studios

Vocals: Chris Steele

Guitar: Billy Butka

Drums: Tyler Patchell

Guitar, Harsh Vocals: Giulio Bozzone

Bass: Will Smith

Guitar, Vocals: Andy Katz

In the words of Guitarist Billy Butka: ""I'm Ready to Ride Giants, Kunu" is an anthem for those stuck in the vicious cycle of self-doubt. We had the pleasure of working with Can't Swim's Chris LoPorto to deliver a powerful performance to help extinguish those negative thoughts keeping you down.""

Sucker Punch "I'm Ready To Ride Giants, Kunu"

LONG STORY SHORT: Sucker Punch's "I’m Ready To Ride Giants, Kunu" opens with a gentle start, gradually building to a powerful, infectious chorus. The song cleverly blends softer pop-punk style vocals with moments of harsher vocals, evoking the inner monologue that often plays in one's mind or the "anxious inner narrations" referenced later in the bridge, sung by Can't Swim's Chris LoPorto. Vocalist Chris Steele delivers relatable lyrics like "Self-doubt so overrated, I'm stuck here in my own head," but beneath it all, a positive undertone underscores the theme of taking charge of one's narrative and shaping it into something meaningful. This message strongly resonates with the struggles faced by twenty-somethings grappling with a constant barrage of thoughts and self-doubt, as Chris sings about the battle to conquer those inner demons and never experience that feeling again. It's relatable, it's catchy, it's a track you'll have on repeat when you're having a bad day.


Stream "I’m Ready To Ride Giants, Kunu" below!


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