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Take a Horse, Don't Ride "Cowboys": MØNTE's Latest Single will have you hitting Repeat

Sophia Montalbano, also known as a MØNTE, is a vibrant singer-songwriter from Red Bank, NJ. With a passion for music ignited at just 15, her journey gained momentum in 2017 with the debut release of her EP "Ego" released with MOTO Records, a student-run record label from Lake House Music Academy in Asbury Park, NJ. During her studies at the University of New Haven, MØNTE unleashed another EP titled "Utopia" and a soul-stirring single titled "Yellow '97". She was also the lead singer and rhythm guitarist for the band Killing Monte and was lead vocalist for the band Garden State, gracing numerous school events and local venues in the New Haven area. MØNTE also spent a transformative semester in the heart of Nashville, Tennessee, where she immersed herself in the intricacies of audio engineering at Blackbird Studios and interned at Sound Stage Studios. MØNTE continues to perform live captivating audiences, releasing her previous single,"Sam's Song," on Valentine's Day and her latest track, "Cowboys," out NOW! Let's check it out.

MØNTE: Sophia Montalbano Dead or Alive Poster

Photo Credit: Sophia Montalbano


Lyrics, Music: Sophia Montalbano/MØNTE

Guitar: Brian Nohl 

Drums: Tim Taute

Bass, Mix, Master, Engineer: Matt Smith

In the words of MØNTE:  "We Don't Mess with Cowboys!"

"Cowboys" is a song about manipulative people who will lie about anything and everything, including being a Cowboy. Hope you love this song and never mess with a fake cowboy"

MØNTE "Cowboys" Album Art

LONG STORY SHORT: MØNTE's "Cowboys," unfolds a tale that anyone who has encountered a smooth-talking imposter can relate to. From the outset, MØNTE invites us into her world with an upbeat energy and infectious vocal melody, recounting her amusing encounter with a fake cowboy who spins tales about his origins and songwriting prowess. With detailed lyricism, she paints a vivid picture of this character, allowing us to chuckle along with lines like "you were a mess/but not very well wore a felt hat/and crocs."

Listening to "Cowboys" feels like sitting down with a close friend who's recounting the details of a comically disastrous date. With its catchy hooks, engaging melodies, and witty lyrics, it's a track that's bound to have listeners hitting the repeat button again and again.

"Cowboys" MØNTE


Stream "Cowboys" below! 


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