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MØNTE's "Sam's Song": A Valentine's Single Embracing the Euphoria of Love

Sophia Montalbano, also known as a MØNTE, is a vibrant singer-songwriter from Red Bank, NJ. With a passion for music ignited at just 15, her journey gained momentum in 2017 with the debut release of her EP "Ego" released with MOTO Records, a student-run record label from Lake House Music Academy in Asbury Park, NJ. During her studies at the University of New Haven, MØNTE unleashed another EP titled "Utopia" and a soul-stirring single titled "Yellow '97". She was also the lead singer and rhythm guitarist for the band Killing Monte and was lead vocalist for the band Garden State, gracing numerous school events and local venues in the New Haven area. MØNTE also spent a transformative semester in the heart of Nashville, Tennessee, where she immersed herself in the intricacies of audio engineering at Blackbird Studios and interned at Sound Stage Studios. Now, MØNTE continues to perform live captivating audiences, and just released her new single, "Sam's Song," out today! Let's dive into it!

MØNTE: Sophia Montalbano

Photo Credit: Sophia Montalbano

"Sam's Song"

Songwriting,Recording, Production: Sophia Montalbano

Mixed, Mastered: Matt Smith

In the words of MØNTE:  ""Sam's Song," at its core is a love song. It's about my loving partner, best friend, and boyfriend, Sam, and all the strange synchronicities in our lives. It's about finding somebody who fits into your life and someone you can grow with. That's what I think is beautiful about love, is that it grows. It's a scary, rare, and an indescribable feeling at 23 to find somebody who wants to grow with you, but I tried to put that feeling into words. I hope you love this song the way I love Sam."

MØNTE "Sam's Song" Album Art

LONG STORY SHORT: MØNTE's latest single, "Sam's Song," is a tender love ballad that showcases her powerful and captivating vocals in all their glory. The arrangement delicately dances around the vocal lines, skillfully highlighting their emotive depth and resonance. Through poignant storytelling, "Sam's Song" paints a vivid picture of a specific love story while evoking universal emotions that resonate deeply with listeners. With lyrics like "what a pretty little world we've built for ourselves," MØNTE captures the euphoria of honeymoon happiness, immersing listeners in the bubble of love that surrounds a couple. Lines like, "everyone can see it, everybody wants it, but nobody's got it like we do, baby," and ""I have no hesitations when it comes to you." underscores the strength and confidence in the love of the relationship. "Sam's Song" is a concise tune, spanning just 2 minutes and 35 seconds, yet it vividly captures the warmth and coziness of a complete love story.


Stream "Sam's Song" below! 


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