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The Best of Both Worlds: Hexagon Cat's Prog-Pop "Sorry"

Hexagon Cat is a prog-pop band born from the evolution of their previous musical venture, Moon Days. Notably, the personnel remains unchanged between the two bands, comprising Jake Fuscia, a multi-talented artist handling keys, drums, flute, and vocals; Eric Bauberger on guitar and vocals; John Mosley contributing his skills on guitar and vocals; Mike Britt, a versatile talent managing engineering, guitar, bass, and vocals; Joe Fuscia, taking charge of bass and guitar; and Mitch Gollub contributing his engineering and guitar skills. However, what sets Hexagon Cat apart is a shift in their songwriting dynamics, with Jake now leading the charge as the primary songwriter. Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of influences, including The Flaming Lips, The Beatles, The Moody Blues, and the unjustly blacklisted anime composer Hideki Taniuchi, Hexagon Cat embarked on their musical journey in March 2020, right at the onset of the global lockdown. Their journey begins with a unique band name, crafted from a blend of words and phrases that resonated with their vision—ultimately culminating in the intriguing name, Hexagon Cat.

hexagon cat


Keys, Drums, Flute, Vocals, Additional Engineering: Jake Fuscia

Guitar, Vocals: Eric Bauberger

Guitar, Vocals: John Mosley

Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Engineering: Mike Britt

Bass, Guitar: Joe Fuscia

Guitar, Additional Engineering: Mitch Gollub

Additional Engineering: Mike Jezierski

In the words of Hexagon Cat: "We think this is our most approachable song, strange as it is. We wrote "Sorry" and most of the songs on the album during the 2020 lockdown. It's a sad song but we hope it makes people happy."

"Blue Hexagon" - Hexagon Cat Album Art: lemonprom

Album Art: lemonprom

LONG STORY SHORT: Hexagon Cat's "Sorry," takes listeners on a musical journey through a delicate soundscape, effectively encapsulating the band's unique style. The track opens with a high-pitched keyboard motif that delicately dances around, creating an ethereal atmosphere. Spacey vocals float above the music, delivering an apologetic message, with the poignant refrain "I'm sorry I pushed you away" repeated as if it's the only thing the protagonist can say, a reflection of his emotional turmoil. The atmospheric background vocals add depth and richness to the song's texture. At 1:45, a groovy bass line takes center stage, injecting a pulsating energy into the composition. The simplistic lyrics make the song easy to sing along to and underscore the pop sensibilities of the group. Around the 2:24 mark, the track takes an exciting turn, jamming on the same musical motif, showcasing Hexagon Cat's progressive tendencies, and even introducing a surprising and delightful flute element. "Sorry" is a multifaceted and emotionally resonant piece that reveals the band's musical creativity.


Stream "Sorry" below!


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