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The Pre-Save: 5 Reasons Why You Should Create a Pre-Save Campaign as an Independent Artist

Ah, yes. If you follow any independent musician, you probably feel bombarded with the "pre-save my upcoming single!" posts. But, for a good reason. It’s easy to swipe past these Instagram stories or scroll past a post, but pre-saves are more important than you think. But how important you ask?

1. Create Your Buzzzz Let the people know what you have going on! You're releasing music and that's *exciting*! Create interest and generate buzz around your upcoming release by asking your fans and followers to pre-save that upcoming track across all of your social media and streaming platforms. If you wait until your song is already released to start promoting it, you're already too late! Start pushing the track before it's released.

2. Pre-Ordering for the Digital Age:

Pre-saves are the modern-day equivalent of pre-ordering a physical copy of an album (if you can remember those days). The innovative pre-save concept by David Emery, the pre-save pioneer, was born out of the desire to replicate the anticipation and engagement of pre-orders but adapted to the streaming era. This way, your fans won't be the first ones with a physical copy, but they can share the same excitement and anticipation with being one of the first to be able to stream your new tunes!


3. Feed the Algorithm!

When you encourage your fans to pre-save your track, you're not just boosting excitement – you're also sending powerful signals to the *algorithm* that drives music recommendations on streaming platforms like Spotify. Here's how it works:

  • Enhanced Discoverability: When users pre-save your track, they have the option to automatically add it to their library upon release. This is a golden ticket for your music to appear on their Release Radar, Discover Weekly, Daily Mix, and other personalized playlists, increasing its visibility.

  • The More Saves the Better: Streaming platforms' algorithms love high engagement. The more pre-saves you have, the more 'saves' you will have on the track once it's live, leading to more favorable algorithmic support. More saves = the more push from the algorithm.

  • Editorial Playlists: Want your song on those coveted Spotify editorial playlists? Pre-saves can help here. The more fans engage with your upcoming release, the more likely it is to land on these influential playlists, potentially reaching thousands of new listeners.

pre-save smarturl

4. Learn More about your Audience: But that's not all! They also provide valuable insights into your audience. Some pre-save services allow you to gather demographic data on your audeince, like where they're located!

Some even allow you to customize your pre-save links to include options for fans to share their email addresses or follow you on social media.

5. For the OGs:

Your OGs, those die-hard supporters, are like the rock-solid foundation of your music journey. When they pre-save your track and add it to their library, it's more than just a vote of confidence. They're the ones who are likely to become your biggest cheerleaders, sharing your music with their friends, crafting playlists that feature your tunes, and ensuring the momentum never stops. It's like a domino effect that starts with your most dedicated supporters.


LONG STORY SHORT: Pre-saves are a potent tool for musicians in the digital age. They help you generate excitement, tap into the algorithms that drive music discovery, and engage your core fan base. By encouraging your fans to pre-save your upcoming releases, you're not only creating a buzz but also setting the stage for a successful music launch. Run a pre-save campaign! There's no harm in trying it. What's the worst that can happen? You might just get more fans.



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