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The Silver Lining of 2008: The Housing Crisis and their new track "The Messenger"

A small silver lining came out of the 2008 Housing Crisis, and that's the band named after it. Shortly after Dylan O'Bryan's family moved from New York to Florida, he found drummer Trevor Griffin and bassist Eduardo Giralt to create indie psychedelic magic. All members of The Housing Crisis specialize in their own niche of rock, culling inspiration from The Beatles, Radiohead, and Wilco.

After a few other EP and single releases, The Housing Crisis is gearing up for their third official EP, which will release in August 2022. One of the first singles from the project dropped on May 12th, titled "The Messenger." O'Bryan describes the song as a journey through "[his] turmoil of becoming the middleman between two lovers turned bitter enemies." Although the track's narrative is darker, musically, "The Messenger" is upbeat and bright. Starting with plucked acoustic chords and building drums before you are enveloped into a cheerful folk haze. The attention to detail in the production is evident, like the layering of vocal harmonies, which was all done by O'Bryan in his bedroom. The dynamic guitar solo brings the ultimate blues flavor to the track, thanks to Sam Reasor. But I'd say the best part is the catchy chorus, "I'm just the messenger/Don't shoot the messenger," is something you'll be singing long after the 3:28 is over.

LONG STORY SHORT: Great tracks can be built in your bedroom, and that is something you can try at home. "The Messenger" is a head-bopping track that is a breath of fresh-folk rock air. Makes me excited to hear the rest of their EP in August.


Stream "The Messenger" below!


Written & Performed by: Dylan O'Bryan

Drums: Trevor Griffin

Electric Guitar Solo - Sam Reasor

Drum Engineer - Wilson Gaberino

Recorded, Mixed, Mastered: Dylan O’Bryan in his bedroom


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