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Timeless Harmonies Meet Modern Pop: BreakTime Unveils their NJ-inspired 'Specials'

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

Step into the luminous world of BreakTime. This musical collective effortlessly weaves the classic harmonics reminiscent of The Beatles and The Beach Boys with a contemporary pop twist, resulting in a sound that's bathed in the Hudson River's essence and infused with modern earworm pop sensibilities. With a songwriting style that reverberates with optimism, BreakTime combines vintage touches to create a sonic celebration that bridges the gap between eras. What began as a conventional Jersey cover band in 2018 has transformed into a distinctive songwriting force, as their live shows revealed an inspiring trend: an expanding audience, spanning diverse genres, expressing genuine enjoyment for songs that hark back to classic traditions. Since their debut single "Rock N’ Roll Refugee" in 2021, BreakTime has evolved into an originals-and-covers powerhouse, consistently delivering dynamic performances. Comprising Sean on bass, Thommy on lead guitar, Doug on rhythm guitar, and Peter on drums, BreakTime invites you to "leave your daily troubles and complications behind" and "welcome you into their carefree soundscape."

BreakTime Photo Credit: Vito Rizzi

Photo Credit: Vito Rizzi

Specials Songwriting: Sean Manuel, Thommy Delaney, Douglas Lupo

Production: Sean Manuel

Mix, Master Engineer: Rod Shepard at Xanthi Music Productions

Recorded at: BT Studio One

Vocals: Sean Manuel, Thommy Delaney, Douglas Lupo, Peter Roefaro

Bass Guitar, Keyboards: Sean Manuel

Lead Guitar: Thommy Delaney

Rhythm Guitar: Douglas Lupo

Drums, Bongos, Cowbell, Tambourine: Peter Roefaro

Timpani: Sean Manuel

Handclaps: All

In the words of Sean Manuel: "One of the more enjoyable parts of the New Jersey experience is never being too far from a traditional diner. My neighborhood diner, The Broadway Diner, has played a significant part in my life, witnessing such major milestones as my parents' engagement and my baptism party. Today, it continues to host enjoyable dinners I share with my best friend, bandmates, and family. Like a daily specials menu, BreakTime's 'Specials' is our seasonal assortment of the surf rock, power pop, and Merseybeat that define the BreakTime sound. Immerse yourself in an EP thoroughly seasoned with vocal harmony in a jangle reduction!"

BreakTime 'Specials' Photo Credit: Vito Rizzi

LONG STORY SHORT: BreakTime's Specials exudes the essence of '50s rock and roll, channeling a vintage vibe that resonates with The Beatles' early blueprint. The band transports listeners back in time, from their dapper suits to the trebly guitar tone. The album is a spirited revitalization of nostalgia, featuring folk-inspired tracks like "Dandelion," high-energy tunes such as "You Don't See Me," and the surf-infused instrumental "Octane." Specials is a timeless take on a classic genre. Playing this record will transport you to a nineteen-fifties Friday night, hopping into your Thunderbird to take on the school dance.

First track on Specials


Stream Specials below!


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