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Transport Between Stratospheres with Moon Rabbit Retreat's "ColorBlind"

Moon Rabbit Retreat is a North Jersey trio made up of Rob Fragnito, Jack Berger, and Pat Nini that consistently takes us out of this world. Together their array of influences beautifully mesh, with Jack and Pat from a jam band background and Rob, more captivated with jazz and indie electronica. From their spacey synth-driven sounds intertwined with their catchy pop choruses, we're always excited to hear what they're creating. Moon Rabbit Retreat released their debut album in 2019, followed by their Habitat EP in December of 2020, and now they're resurfacing with a new single, "ColorBlind."

"ColorBlind" takes us on a journey between stratospheres playing with varying time signatures starting in 7/ 8 and transporting us to 4/4. What Moon Rabbit Retreat has mastered is setting the scene. Before jumping into the track, they begin with sparse instrumentation with slow entrances of each piece before they layer together. You can hear the improvisational influences from jazz and jam between Fragnito and Berger, often breaking into solos and even giving a John Mayer-y flavor at 2:10 with the bluesy wails of Berger's solo. Nini's breathy vocals flawlessly execute the poetic lyrics of the chorus, "I was waiting for the lights to change/ Back and forth and through my mind/ I was feeling rather confident/ For someone who was colorblind." Fragnito explains his enigmatic lyrics describe "what it's like making decisions in life. The chorus uses traffic lights being a metaphor for seeing signs telling you to go when the light is green. "I was waiting for the lights to change" is a reference to making a decision even when it's not obvious that it's the right choice to make." A sentiment that almost anyone can identify with, uniquely framed.

LONG STORY SHORT: This nearly five-minute track is funky yet laid-back. "ColorBlind" combines intricate guitar melodies with poetic lyrics to create an atmospheric song you can sit down and relax to.


Stream "ColorBlind" below!


Music, Lyrics: Rob Fragnito

Lead Guitar: Jack Berger


Drums, Keyboards, Vocals: Rob Fragnito

Guitar, Backup Vocals: Jack Berger

Bass, Vocals: Pat Nini


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