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You’ll Be Asking to Listen to This Jack Powers Track “One More Time”

Jack Powers started banging the drums to AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, and Black Sabbath when he was only ten, learning the ropes from his dad, an '80s basement rock bandmaster. His passion continued a few years later when Powers created the band "U Might Be Mine," which played around the South Jersey scene from Bright Bar, The Stone Pony to Asbury Lanes. Jack Powers then took his skills to Cali School of Music at Montclair State University to study classical percussion. But as it happened to so many collaborative musicians and bands, it isolated Powers from the rest of his band and ultimately led him to begin writing music on his own. After creating and programming on his own, he took the tracks to his friends at college and started playing shows together in March 2022. The group ultimately formed 'Jack Flowers and The Petal Tones' for Jack's live performances. The group includes Kyle Steven Sanders on bass, lead guitar, and vocals, Calyx Ryu on rhythm guitar, and vocals, Josh Wilson playing lead guitar, keys, and occasionally tambourine, Tim Nuzzetti on drums, and Jack performing vocals, guitar, and bass.

Photo Credits: Frank Konze and Jack Powers

Jack Powers has officially released a few singles starting from 2021 but is ready to release his much-anticipated debut EP. The first single off the record was released this Friday, titled "One More Time." The track starts with the faint whispers of Powers painting the scene, "Don't come back/I thought that we talked/About all we could talk about/Let's use our mouths/For something different now." You enter into indie rock paradise through Powers' vocals and the entrance of a catchy guitar riff, ultimately used as a motif that creates excellent continuity throughout. At 0:45, we get the arrival of the drums which adds a groovier layer to the track. Lyrically, the narrative continues to unfold, which seems to be a story of trying to work out an ending relationship which appears to be easier said than done as Powers sings, "Give it time/We'll work it out, we'll be fine/Maybe the next time you'll be mine…In a few weeks, time/I'll be back on your floor again/Nails on your back, clawing for just/One more time." At 1:20, we get more energy and vitality with harder-hitting drums and distorted guitars.

Photo Credits: Frank Konze and Jack Powers

LONG STORY SHORT: This track is the perfect marriage of jangly guitar with soft vocals and a pop chorus creating an indie rock bliss. If The 1975's Matty Healy were a Montclair University student, he would be Jack Powers.

Photo Credits: Frank Konze and Jack Powers


Stream "One More Time" below!


Lyrics: Jack Powers

Music: Jack Powers, Kyle Steven Sanders

Performed: Jack Powers and Kyle Steven Sanders

Recorded: Jack Powers

Mixed and Mastered: Ryan Shinall


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