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9 Things to Invest in as an Independent Artist: Is Music Promo a Pay-to-Play Game?

Updated: 3 days ago

Are you an independent artist looking to boost your music career but wondering if investing in certain services is worth it? We get it; the music industry can be tough to navigate, and every penny counts. While we don't endorse shelling out cash for streams or buying your own records, we do believe that some investments are well worth your time and money. Here are nine key things to consider investing in as an independent artist:

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1. Submitting to Playlists and Blogs

Getting your music in front of the right audience is crucial, and that's where playlist submission services like SubmitHub, Groover, and MusicSubmit come into play. These platforms typically have a low entry fee, but they connect you with curators who are actually listening to your music and, offering more valuable feedback.

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2. Playlist Pitches with Playlist Push Playlist Push may not give you a guaranteed number of user generated playlists that your music will land on, but they can make a pretty good educated guess. You'll find a sliding scale to suit your budget comfortably. Plus, you can get a 7.5% discount, just use our code: EQYVLWD!

3. Blog Coverage

Bloggers truly are the unsung heroes of the music industry, pouring their passion into crafting content after giving your music thoughtful consideration and tirelessly promoting it on social media (we might be a little biased). Their hard work often goes unnoticed, as some artists expect coverage without fully understanding the effort involved. In reality, bloggers are doing independent artists a significant favor by providing a platform. Sometimes, considering paid services can be a smart move, but always make sure the blog's audience aligns with your target demographic. This investment could be a game-changer for getting your music out there.

4. Electronic Press Kit (EPK)

If you're not savvy with graphic design or a Canva pro, you might want to think about investing in an Electronic Press Kit (EPK). These documents are great for showcasing your unique artist persona and brand to potential blogs, media outlets, labels, and booking agents. If you're a newer artist, and don't have enough material for an EPK, or you're working on a specific project to highlight, you can opt for a more compact and concise solution, like a one-sheet. And if you'd rather have someone create your EPK or one-sheet for you, we've got you covered at The MIC! Shoot us an email today for more details.


5. A Professional Website

Same thing goes with websites! If you're not comfortable using Band Zoogle, Wix, or Squarespace, it might be time to consider an investment in your online presence. a website isn't just a nice-to-have; it's a fundamental tool in an artist's toolkit. Some independent artists fall into the trap of thinking a is sufficient, but a is not a full-fledged website. It's fantastic for quick links and handling those "link in bio" situations on social media, especially on Instagram, but it's not your artist website! if you're in need of assistance with setting up a or a website and prefer to have someone else handle it, don't hesitate to reach out to us! We're here to help.

6. Compelling Artist Bio

This is something artists often don't think too much about. Two sentences mentioning you play psychedelic rock just won't cut it. What you really need is a bio that vividly paints a picture of who you are, your musical journey, your accomplishments, and any fun facts that make you stand out as an artist. Your artist bio is a cornerstone – you'll use it on your website, one-sheets, EPK, Facebook page, other social media profiles, press releases, blog pitches, booking agent presentations, and the list goes on and on. It's your introduction to the world, so make it count! If you're not a wordsmith, you might need to find someone else who can write compelling copy. If you're interested in getting an artist bio, or would like to refine your exisiting bio, reach out to us at The MIC!


7. Targeted Advertising

You know your fans and audience better than anyone else, right? And where can you find them? For most of you, the answer is social media. That's why social media ads are such a smart move. You can give a boost to any post you've got on Instagram or Facebook, and the best part is, you can tweak the budget to suit your pocket. Plus, you get to pick your goal – whether it's more website visitors, profile visitors, or messages. This is where you can often get the most bang for your buck in the advertising game!

8. High-Quality Photos

Yes, of course, your iPhone can take a pretty good photo. But, when it comes to the big leagues, you need high-quality pictures. You can't be sending a pixelated shot of you rocking a basement gig to a media outlet or slapping it on your EPK. And forget those LinkedIn-style headshots; what you want are artistic images that scream your personality and brand. Now, sure, getting pro photos might initially pinch the wallet a bit, but trust me, they're an invaluable asset!


9. Music Videos and Social Content

If you're a budding independent musician, splurging on a professional music video or Instagram reels might not be in the cards just yet, and that's totally fine! In the early days, you can tackle this yourself, or perhaps enlist a bandmate or a trusted (steady-handed) friend to help out. But as you gain momentum, investing in top-notch visuals will take you to the next level.

LONG STORY SHORT: While the music industry might seem like a "pay-to-play" world, investing wisely in your music career can lead to better exposure and opportunities. The key is to evaluate each investment carefully, ensuring it aligns with your goals and target audience. So, don't be afraid to take that leap and invest in yourself and your music.


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