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“All You Hear” Is All We Want to Hear: Los Vincis New Single

John Paipilla (23), Josep Mejia (23), and Angelo Egoavil (22) met during a class at their local music shop and quickly turned their friendship into music creating the band, ‘Los Vincis.’ The band pulls from a wide range of influences, including but not limited to Tame Impala, Dominic Finke, MGMT, Julian Casablancas, and Boy Pablo. This allows them to create their unique sound that can be described as a DIY electronic indie pop band with Latino roots.

Each member of Los Vincis is a multi-instrumentalist; John plays drums, bass, and guitar, Jos plays bass, guitar, and keys while Angelo plays guitar, bass, and sings. Both John and Jos produce Los Vincis’s music themselves at their home studio, ‘The SeaLab’ located in Rochelle Park, North Jersey, while Angelo is the primary songwriter.

Shortly after they released the summer bop, “Palooza,” Los Vincis released another titled, “All You Hear.” This immersive track is short but sure is sweet. Clocking in at 2:08, “All You Hear” is a perfect package of the eighties meets 2021, complete with ’80s electronica beat, heavy synth, topped with the indie-pop vocals that we love today. But the best part of the track has to be the seamless marriage between the two languages. While mainly singing English, Los Vincis also incorporate their Latin roots with lines sung in Spanish, “Y sabes que ya volveras/Te extraño noche y dia.”

LONG STORY SHORT: Los Vincis is a timely group that incorporates the relevant sounds of the current charts with their own DIY flare. You’ll love "All You Hear" on the first listen, guaranteed or your money back.

Stream "All You Hear" Below!


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