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BreakTime's "Love And Harmony": A Timeless Tune with Seamless Harmonies

The New Jersey band BreakTime, formed in 2018, has undergone significant evolution since their early days as a cover band. Their journey began to gain momentum with the release of their 2021 single, "Rock N' Roll Refugee," marking the start of their continuous growth and sonic development. Comprising members Sean (bass), Thommy (lead guitar), Doug (rhythm guitar), and Peter (drums), BreakTime draws inspiration from the timeless sounds of iconic acts like The Beatles and the Beach Boys. This quartet collaboratively crafts music that pays homage to the bygone era and audio landscapes of their musical heroes. On August 25th, they unveiled their highly anticipated sophomore album, Specials. This record, of eight concise tracks, offers a nostalgic nod to the diner culture of New Jersey, blending catchiness with timeless musicality. Let's delve deeper into the second track from the album, titled "Love And Harmony."

BreakTime-Photo Credit: Vito Rizzi

Photo Credit: Vito Rizzi

"Love And Harmony" opens with a plucked trebly guitar melody that sets the tone, featuring a catchy and recurring riff that weaves its way through the entire song. The track maintains a well-structured format, reminiscent of the musical style employed by bands of the '50s and '60s.

BreakTime-'Specials' Album Cover

"Love And Harmony" exudes an innocent charm as the lyrics invite us to "sing songs of love and harmony." The lyrics transport listeners to a sun-soaked beach atmosphere, with references to sunshine and ocean vibes. The lead vocalist sets the scene: "A new day dawns above us darling/The sunrise glowed, as time it froze/The ocean bed arose with life/As creatures loomed around." These vivid descriptions create a sense of warmth and nostalgia.

BreakTime-Photo Credit: Vito Rizzi

Photo Credit: Vito Rizzi

What most stands out in this track is how the voices seamlessly intertwine, crafting delightful harmonies that resonate with the song's title and amplify the overall positive energy that the track exudes.

LONG STORY SHORT: BreakTime's "Love And Harmony" delivers a sense of old-school fun and bliss without overthinking it. It captures the essence of carefree moments and evokes a feeling of pure enjoyment.


Stream "Love And Harmony" below!


Songwriting: Sean Manuel, Thommy Delaney, Douglas Lupo

Production: Sean Manuel

Mix, Master Engineer: Rod Shepard at Xanthi Music Productions

Recorded at: BT Studio One


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