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Brenda Carsey Creates a Vulnerable Story You Can Feel: "I'm Sorry" we Haven't Heard it Sooner

The question when it comes to Brenda Carsey is, "What hasn't she done?" because it sure seems like she's done it all in music. Starting from marching bands, choirs, cabaret, orchestras, and electronic groups, Carsey built a solid musical foundation. Those years of practice ultimately led her to music festivals like Lightning in a Bottle and Echo Park Rising Festival to headlining iconic LA Stages like The Hotel Cafe and Harvard & Stone, as well as gaining sponsorships from popular companies like Dexibell (keyboard) and Sennheiser (microphones). Currently Los Angeles-based, Brenda Carsey hones her skills as a vocalist, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer. Her decorated resume includes many projects in partnership with Netflix (Babysitter's Club, Better Call Saul, Tiger King The Musical), The Voice, Joy Ride (award-winning short film), and on albums by Whitney Tai, Phoebe Silva, Kid Lightning, and Feral Kizzy.

Photo Credit: Morgan Demeter || Styling, Hair, Makeup: Brenda Carsey

In preparation for her highly anticipated full-length album, "Cognizance," set to release at the beginning of 2023, Brenda Carsey has released three singles, "Just Trying To Do My Thing," "Party's Over," and her latest "I'm Sorry." "I'm Sorry" starts with an acoustic guitar gently strumming to set the scene before drums, followed by Carsey at 0:17. Her vocals have a unique tonality with a virtuosic range that goes from higher, almost operatic pitches to a lower range with darker body. Carsey describes the song as "a story of self-reflection, of learning how to admit when you've done wrong, and of striving to be an ever-changing and better version of yourself for both the people around you and for yourself." And within her poetic and confessional lyrics, this story is told perfectly. In the chorus, she pleads, "Oh Lord, please help me to change/I'm a lost soul/And I don't want to get stuck upon this train/Oh Lord, please help me to be/My best self/Release all this stubbornness inside of me." And what's beautiful about the lyrics is that they're relatable; sometimes it's too late, but you realize you've done wrong and are aware you need to change. And the narrative continues to show accountability with, "Did I fuck up again?/How'd I fuck up again?/I'm sorry for the pain I caused/I'm sorry for the pain I caused you" and admitting forgiveness. Brenda Carsey's passionate vocals and minimal instrumentation make you feel like you're not just listening to the story, but you're feeling it, too.

Photo Credit: Morgan Demeter || Styling, Hair, Makeup: Brenda Carsey

LONG STORY SHORT: "I'm Sorry" is a vulnerable story about being wrong and offering forgiveness. Brenda Carsey creates a touching ballad that enters the Americana world with a story you can feel.


Stream "I'm Sorry" below!


Song, Melody, Lyrics and Arrangements: Brenda Carsey

Lead Vocals, Harmonies, Acoustic Guitar: Brenda Carsey

Drums: Kyle Crane

Electric Guitar: Michael Day

Production: Brenda Carsey Engineer: Mark Rains of Station House Studio

Mixed: Mark Rains and Brenda Carsey

Mastered: Jett Gallindo of The Bakery Mastering


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