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Christine Tarquinio's "All Angles": An Introspective Journey into Inner Strength

Singer-songwriter Christine Tarquinio from Melbourne, Australia, released her debut single in 2014 and since has been crafting her diverse musical style. Christine's artistry serves as a vessel for storytelling, drawing upon her own life experiences to weave compelling narratives within her songs. Collaborating with fellow musicians, she brings her dreams to fruition, infusing her compositions with authenticity and emotion. Drawing comparisons to the likes of Gwen Stefani, Natalie Imbruglia, and Jewel, Christine captivates audiences with her sensitive and multifaceted sound. Beyond her musical pursuits, she dedicates herself to nurturing budding vocal talents as a singing teacher, all while finding inspiration in her family and the joys and trials of parenthood. Last year Tarquinio released her "You and Me" before her EP Silhouette, and now she's back with another single, "All Angles."

Christine Tarquinio

"All Angles"

Songwriting: Christine Tarquinio

Performance: Christine Tarquinio

Production: Daniel Nieberg

In the words of Christine Tarquinio: "All Angles is a song that I really needed to write. It was a kind of therapy. This song made me feel more in control again."

Christine Tarquinio 'All Angles'

LONG STORY SHORT: Christine Tarquinio's latest single, "All Angles," delicately begins with a gentle piano melody, gradually building in intensity with the addition of drums and fuller instrumentation, all serving as a backdrop to her ethereal vocals and wide-ranging melody. Through poignant lyricism and strong imagery, she invites listeners on an introspective journey, bravely exploring the intricacies of authority, resilience, and concealed obstacles within. With lines like "A lionheart is all I can be, invincible but on the inside I completely fall apart," and "I am the captain, you know this ship won’t sink," Christine skillfully conveys the dichotomy of putting on a tough exterior while battling inner turmoil, resulting in a profoundly moving musical experience that showcases her raw honesty and artistic depth.


Stream "All Angles" below!


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