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Christine Tarquinio's "New Year's Day": A Reflective Single on Resolutions and New Beginnings

Melbourne-based singer-songwriter Christine Tarquinio debuted in 2014 and has since developed a diverse musical style. Her music serves as a medium for storytelling, drawing deeply from her personal experiences to create compelling narratives. By collaborating with other musicians, Christine brings her artistic visions to life, imbuing her work with authenticity and emotion. Often compared to Gwen Stefani, Natalie Imbruglia, and Jewel, she captivates audiences with her sensitive and multifaceted sound. In addition to her musical career, Christine is a dedicated singing teacher, nurturing the talents of aspiring vocalists. She finds inspiration in her family and the joys and challenges of parenthood. Last year, Christine released "You and Me" before her EP "Silhouette," followed by "All Angles" earlier this year. Now, she returns with another single, "New Year's Day."

Christine Tarquinio

"New Year's Day"

Songwriting: Christine Tarquinio

Performance: Christine Tarquinio

Production, Mix, Master: Daniel Nieberg

In the words of Christine Tarquinio: "I wrote 'New Year's Day' at the beginning of this year, feeling like nothing had changed despite the new calendar. But as the months have gone on, I've had moments that have truly altered how I appreciate life's little things. This song reflects both the hope and the reality that new year’s bring."

Christine Tarquinio 'New Year's Day'

LONG STORY SHORT: Christine Tarquinio's new track "New Year's Day" explores the theme of fresh beginnings associated with the holiday, reflecting on the often fleeting nature of New Year's resolutions. In the chorus, she sings, "New Year's resolutions/They’re just an illusion/For maybe a day or two/Don’t have to think it through/We’ll start again on New Year's Day," highlighting the superficiality and temporary nature of these resolutions. Through a simple arrangement that places her unique vocal stylings at the forefront, Christine delves into the universal experience of setting resolutions and the inevitable doubt that follows, pondering, "What if it won’t work out/If it all comes crumbling down." The song captures the common struggle of aspiring to change and the realization that resolutions are often just comforting theories to which we subscribe.


Stream "New Year's Day" below!


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