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Dial Into Oktaf Kanis' "My Radio"

Born in Jakarta, Indonesia, Oktaf Kanis was a curious musician, enthralled by playing with the gain in the music he created. His first official release that kick-started his musical journey began in August 2021 with the release of his debut album “Living in Infamy (Blue),” writing about a relatable world of miserable chaos. In 2022 he followed his album with a series of singles released from January to May.

His latest released track, "My Radio," is a self-written and produced track that takes clear inspiration from instrumentation and form of classic rock. Kanis describes the track as a story between a couple, "each stanza of this song has different content. The verse to the pre-chorus is [a kind of] an expression of the heart from a couple with a lover in trouble. In the chorus, it is a greeting because they have received some [kind of] message from a friend. who has invited him to listen to his radio broadcasts." While it initially sounds like a vintage reference, the term radio broadcast seems to be a metaphor for a distraction, to allow yourself to clear your mind and listen to something else. The 5:11 track incorporates vocal harmonies paired with a strong melody and guitar riff. Although the vocals seem to have a lingering echo, the lacking clarity ultimately fits the radio theme.

LONG STORY SHORT: Oktaf Kanis is just warming up, and we're looking forward to his sophomore album releasing later this year! "My Radio" is an alt-rock track with a story to tell.


Stream "My Radio" below!


Written, Produced, Performed by - Oktaf Kanis

Recorded at: Kanis Records


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