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Don't "Tuck N Run" From This Track by YOUNG CORRUPT

From the sun and shores of California comes YOUNG CORRUPT. A rapper who started growing his career at the age of only fifteen, he’s been developing his career steadily ever since. His unique rapping style has been inspired by some of the greats, including Kendrick Lamar, Eminem, and Drake. He explains his musical style as “music for the insomnia,” perfect for those who like late-night drives. YOUNG CORRUPT’s determination and ambition set him apart, officially releasing over 24 singles since his debut in 2018.

One of YOUNG CORRUPT's latest releases, "Tuck N Run," has already gained over 132,900 streams on Spotify and is still rising. When you press play, the beat starts with what could easily be from the group Stomp or just someone banging pots and pans in the kitchen, which is actually contextually engaging. He then jumps right into the hook, "I'm a different breed, you know I be on a mission/ you bring your facades, you just stay there always wishing/ sounds a little off maybe cause my shit is different/ yo your shit is tough goes too hard you never miss it." Here his influences can be easily heard where vocally, he sounds similar to Kendrick, with the finesse of a melodic hook like Drake.

Album Art Credit: Zonekidd

In his verses, YOUNG CORRUPT flexes his quick bars with confidence and wit, rapping, "do anything/ to get a check/no self-respect/I'm not impressed/ she's in my sweats/you're getting pressed/your hoeing more/well thinking less/ so get finessed/got no regrets/so please get mad/I'm making moves/ just playing chess." He describes "Tuck N Run" very specifically as a "horror slasher film put into a song," telling that narrative in just 2:42.

LONG STORY SHORT: “Tuck N Run” is a tasty bite into YOUNG CORRUPT. With a sonically varied beat, flowing bars, and a catchy hook, you might just get hooked.


Stream "Tuck N Run" below!



Produced: Bleverly Hills

Mixed, Mastered: Matthew Goldman

Cover Art: Zonekidd


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