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Enter Into Present Day Nostalgia with MATRIXX feat. GXLD FVRK's "Knick Knack"

Welcome to the MATRIXX: New Jersey musician, producer, and CEO of Nebula Productions. MATRIXX blends together his background in metal, rap, r&b, and electronic music to create his own style of experimental EDM production, which has been featured on TV stations from MTV to BET and radio stations Hot 97 and Power 105.1. Following his 2021 soulful “Scream” with RNBHunter and summer dance track “Fireworks” featuring GAZE, MATRIXX teams up with the creative collective GXLD FVBRK (pronounced Gold Fabric) for their track “Knick Knack.” GXLD FVRK, including South Jersey natives, S.K.Y., ZeL, and themelodicpoet, are known for combining clever lyricism, dynamic visuals, and innovative production. While they explain they're heavily influenced by “Stan Lee, [and] strive for longevity in building a culture-shifting dynasty.” their blend of hip hop and soul recently caught the eye and was co-signed by notable music industry movers B.Slade and Eric Bellinger.

Together with MATRIXX, GXLD FVBRK uses the nursery rhyme “This Old Man” as a diving board into an electronic rap track. Starting with an ominous voice as the hook quoting the children’s song, “Knick knack patty wack leave a dawg alone,” before sliding into S.K.Y.’s verse, which continues to effectively utilize pathos to capture the feeling of nostalgia referencing 90’s TV Shows, “Anybody buggin’ off of Urkel turning Stefan,” and the classic game Simon Says, “No retaliation I’ll just leave ya alone/I’ve been doing what I say call me Simon.” ZeL enters the track with confidence in her bars, rapping, “You mistake me for a rookie/I’m a monster/Hold the milk/But keep it sweeter than a cookie/Too hot up in the kitchen even Ramsey couldn’t cook me.”

LONG STORY SHORT: MATRIXX knows how to genre bend and blend. GXLD FVBRK knows how to encapsulate nostalgia in modern-day songwriting. Together in “Knick Knack,” they create a track you can vibe to and a great addition to any gym playlist.


Stream "Knick Knack" below!

GXLD FVRK | Instagram | Soundcloud | TikTok


Song Writing: GXLD FVBRK

Production: MATRIXX

Mixing, Mastering: Nebula Productions


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