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You'll have "FOMO" if you Miss Out on This Track by Teddy Lindross

Picture this; you’re a line cook. It’s the peak of the summer and all of your friends are out on a boat or putting on the green, without you. This is Teddy Lindross’s reality, and he has FOMO. But instead of wallowing in his own self-pity Lindross took his feelings to the mic and crafted an indie r&b summer bop. This New Jersey native is inspired by the likes of Harry Styles, The Weeknd, and Justin Timberlake while crafting songs that address the stress and uncertainty of modern life.

"FOMO" feels like summer with a laid-back lo-fi beat paired with wavy guitar chords.

Teddy Lindross discusses his debut single, explaining, "everyone experiences FOMO at one point or another; this song is my cure for that feeling." And his narrative of the fear of missing out is clearly spelled out as Teddy sings, "you can tell I'm stressed out/I don't wanna play these games/You been feelin' left out/and I don't know who to blame" and "I hope that it's all worth it/…smoking away the FOMO." The track is also paired with a Vevo-released music video, shot by Steven Moore, which is a funny, lighthearted depiction of Teddy's real life that you'll want to watch more than once.

LONG STORY SHORT: “FOMO” is a cherry on top of the summer. The track is relatable for anyone in the service industry, while the music videos give you a subtle resemblance to the best movie in the High School Musical trilogy, HSM2. Next time you have FOMO, at least you’ll have a track to rock out to.


Stream "FOMO" below!


Written, Performed: Teddy Lindross Recorded, Mixed, Mastered: Trevor Jennings

Music Video

Director: Trevor Jennings

Cinematography: Steven Moore


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