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Jack Adamant's Search for Positivity: Here's the Long Story Short of "You First"

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Jack Adamant’s musical career began when he was twelve and won an old tape recorder in a street raffle. He was already playing guitar and began writing and learning how to mix. In 2007, he joined Valerihana and toured between Italy and Sweden. In 2017, he signed with AR Recordings, and Jack launched his first five-track EP, Lunch at 12 since ’82. Adamant explains, “writing this EP forced me to be honest and take stock of my opinions. It allowed me to know my own mind.” In 2019, he released Unkind, his first full-length record, and shortly after, in 2020, he forged ahead with a new punk-rock sound working with his drummer Ged during the lockdown. The project that came out of their collaboration is Jack Adamant’s latest release, Obscure Places & Cupboards. The second track off the album is “You First,” here’s all you need to know about the song!

"You First"

Written, Performed: Jack Adamant

Produced, Engineered, Mixed: Jack Adamant and Ged

Label: AR Recordings

Artwork: Ged

In the words of Jack: “You First” is taken from my third album ”Obscure Places & Cupboards”. The song was written during the pandemic. When everything froze around us and was hard to see the bright side or anything positive out of it. It’s about chasing the light at the end of the tunnel, I guess."

LONG STORY SHORT: Jack Adamant's "You First" is a classic alt-rock track spilling with energy and excitement. His lyrics traverse through his mind's dark alleys and end the track with the heavy lines "Where's the knob that moderates the pain?/Where does it start the circle of life?" "You First will make you think all while you're rocking out.

Artwork Credits: Ged


Stream "You First" below!


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