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Join Meadow Argus "Dancing Through A Slow Apocalypse"

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

Australian songwriter, composer, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Jevan Cole has been on the scene for quite a while. After his run with 80’s Brisbane Psych-Pop outfit Baton Rouge, Cole began to explore the world of classical guitar. He has since shared the stage with some of his heroes, collaborated on ten albums, and toured with the folk duo Cole and Van Dijk. Finally, Jevan Cole wanted to pay homage to his home in Australia and his hobbies of being a gardener, field ecologist, and environmentalist. Cole named his psychedelic folk-rock outfit “Meadow Argus” after a local butterfly species. Meadow Argus pulls inspiration from all of Cole’s journeys, especially Kraftwerk, Eurythmics, and Johnny Cash.

Photo Credits: James Stevenson, edited by Harry Stranger

Dancing Through a Slow Apocalypse

Written, Arranged, Produced: Jevan Cole

Except:"Is That You" Lyrics by Michael Peterson


Vocals, Vibraslap, Squeeze Toys (1): Michael Peterson:

Vocals (2): Annie Peterson

Vocals (3, 7): Ellie Dalton

Vocals (4, 7), Drum Loops (2, 3, 7): Tim Hall

Vocals (6): Rob Longstaff

Banjo, and Bass Guitar (6): Mitch Ruggles:

Fiddle on “Sleep” (6): Jem Dunlop

Recorded, Mixed: Argus Studios, Witta, Qld, Australia (2021 - 2022)

Mastered: Jevan Cole and Seamus Kirkpatrick

Cover Art: Titled “Dance of Death”a woodcut print by Hartmann Schedel from the book, “Chronicle of the World”, otherwise known as the “Nuremberg Chronicle”, first printed in 1493.

In the words of Meadow Argus: My work in natural areas is a natural extension of music to me. That is, I see natural soundscapes as ‘musical’ if not actual music. Dancing Through a Slow Apocalypse’ was written and recorded in 2021 as part of my music studies at the University of the Sunshine Coast. Here in Australia, we were all in various states of Covid disruption and lockdown. The songs on this EP address the very personal issues that we were all forced to face during this time.”

LONG STORY SHORT: Dancing Through a Slow Apocalypse is a journey teleporting through dimensions and genres. Meadow Argus moves between moods by changing vocalists and shifting between electronic and acoustic instruments. This EP is an eclectic mixed bag that almost modernly adapts to feeling like a playlist or like an iPod on shuffle (remember those days). Meadow Argus' Dancing Through a Slow Apocalypse is unique, exciting, and constantly challenging the listener's expectations.


Stream "Dancing Through a Slow Apocalypse" below!


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