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King of Cups Unleashes Holiday Humor in "War On Christmas": A Tongue-in-Cheek Pop-Punk Delight

Join the journey of King of Cups, an electrifying duo fronted by Sugar Shaun and BryGuy. This neon pop-punk, alternative, pop-rock, emo-pop powerhouse delivers harmonized guitar riffs and infectious lyrics inspired by the likes of Jimmy Eat World, The Maine, and A Day To Remember. King of Cups has garnered global acclaim while also sharing stages with acts like Mozart Season and Heart Shed. Earlier this year the pair released their heartfelt pop-punk tune, "Missing You," while also continuing to collaborate with artists like Promise Game and Anndy Negative. To ring in the Holiday season, King of Cups welcomes their latest satirical tune, "War On Christmas." Let's dive into this new single!

Dead Days Image Credit: Christina Marchioni

"The War On Christmas"

Written and Performed By: King of Cups

Vocals, Vocal Production: Shaun Zizi

Guitars, Vocals, Mixing and Mastering: Bryan Underwood

Drums: Pavel Ljubicic

Choir: David's Nigerian Choir

In the words of King of Cups' Shaun Zizi ""The War On Christmas" isn't meant to be political at all. It's meant to be a humorous look at a silly cultural phenomenon. It was written because I didn't care for Christmas or Christmas music at the time, but Bryan loved it. I didn't want to write a Christmas song, but Byran insisted. So, I did it the only way I knew how, by poking fun at some aspect. There was a time when I went through a phase of writing humorous songs. I've since learned to really enjoy Christmas, so who knows, I'll write a serious Christmas song someday."

Dead Days "Death Song" Album Art

LONG STORY SHORT: King of Cups injects a burst of alt-pop-punk energy into the holiday season with their latest release, "The War On Christmas." This festive tune, adorned with a choir and jingle bells, is a refreshing take on the traditional holiday song. With a tongue-in-cheek narrative, the track humorously explores the desire to wage war on the Christmas holiday, even playfully contemplating enlistment. Beyond the spirited tone, the lyrics delve into the holiday craze and stress that often accompanies the season, acknowledging the disconnect between the supposed religious significance and the lapse in kindness. In poignant lines like "You say that Jesus is the reason/Then why don't you be kind like he said?" the song critiques the hypocrisy that can emerge amidst the festivities. King of Cups doesn't shy away from addressing the "craze" of the holidays, suggesting how the magic can be overshadowed by the commercial chaos. Despite the critique, the band wraps it up with a friendly "Happy Holidays," striking a balance between satire and genuine good wishes, making this pop-punk Christmas tune a standout addition to the holiday playlist.


Stream "The War On Christmas" below! 


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