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King of Cups Strike a Chord with Their Heartfelt Neon Pop-Punk Bop and Music Video "Missing You"

Immerse yourself in the sonic world of King of Cups. This electrifying Neon Pop-Punk, Alternative, Pop-Rock, Emo-Pop duo, fronted by Sugar Shaun and BryGuy, is defined by infectious guitar melodies and lyrics that will have you singing in unison without delay. Drawing inspiration from pop-punk legends like Jimmy Eat World, The Maine, We The Kings, Mayday Parade, Forever The Sickest Kids, and The Academy Is..., to the more robust sounds of A Day To Remember, King of Cups brings their own flair and sound to the scene.

King of Cups has graced the stage alongside prominent national acts such as Mozart Season and Heart Shed and has seamlessly collaborated with renowned artists such as Promise Game and Anndy Negative, showcasing their popularity and versatility.

King of Cups remains firmly grounded and devoted to crafting music that resonates deeply with their devoted fan base. With their single "Back To You" already making waves they're back with another one. Let's dig into their new single, "Missing You."

King of Cups

"Missing You"

Vocals, Vocal Production: Shaun Zizi

Guitars, Vocals, Mixing and Mastering: Bryan Underwood

In the words of Shaun Zizi: "This is our favorite song to date. It's really emotional and talks about something we've all been through. Losing a loved one hurts all the same, no matter how they're lost. We hope "Missing You" could help ease someone's pain in their time of need and let them know that they're not alone."

LONG STORY SHORT: King of Cups' "Missing You," is a pop-punk gem that immediately grabs your attention with a drum roll and energetic guitar riff. The song showcases the band's knack for crafting melodic vocal lines that seamlessly blend with more direct, upfront backup vocals. The chorus follows the typical pop-punk formula, complete with the familiar vocal timbre, but it's the emotionally charged lyrics that set this track apart. Tackling the heart-wrenching theme of losing a loved one, the song manages to deliver a catchy pop-punk melody while dealing with profound subject matter. King of Cups' use of harmonies is noteworthy, adding depth to the track. The honesty and relatability of the lyrics, particularly in the chorus that mourns, "I'm still thinking of you/After all of these years now/I'm still thinking of you/I wish I could bring you back to me/I miss you/Yeah, I miss you," make this song a warm, heartfelt, yet undeniably catchy pop-punk bop.

"Missing You" King of Cups


Stream "Missing You" below!


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