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Lemons into Lemonade: Pandemic Collaboration Turns Summer Hit

While the pandemic deeply affected all creatives alike, it was most challenging for artists who feed off of collaborations with other artists, songwriters and producers. But if COVID taught us anything, it taught us how to make the best out of what we have. Artists became more innovative and understood the unparalleled importance of technology. Although this was virtually their only option, it allowed artists who couldn’t be in the same room, or even the same continent, to collaborate.

One global trifecta that turned their lemons into lemonade are independent artists Akash, Trapperx, and Rya Rey. During the pandemic, all three artists joined forces to create their latest release, “By My Side.” The trio recorded each of their parts separately in their respective countries; Akash (US), Trapperx (India), and Rya Rey (Germany), before the track was mastered in the United States.

Released on June 25, “By My Side” has been gaining steady popularity. In collaboration with Crump Media Works, a music video was later released, showcasing the fun studio vibes within the recording process. Beginning with the beat trailing in, Akash kicks off the song with an infectious hook. While catchy, his verses also embed a sweet message, “And we get litty every night/ we don’t need to sip on nothin’ just to feel a vibe/Yeah, long as my lover by my side, side.” Akash, inferring that you don’t need to drink anything when you’re already drunk on the one you love. But at 1:50, Rya Rey subtly storms in with arguably the best part of the track. Her vocals are soft, sultry, and buttery enough to spread on a slice of toast. Following her bridge, the two, Rya Rey and Akash, perfectly fold together to finish the last chorus.

LONG STORY SHORT: “By My Side” is a track you can bump to all summer long, and we got this on repeat.


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