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Meet Karla Torres as Skeletosphere: The MIC's March Musician of the Month

Meet Karla Torres, also known as Skeletosphere:

Photo Credit: Nathalie Benshmuel

Mexican American Karla Torres or Skeletosphere, is a 21-year-old singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles, California. She's been influenced by many genres, from grunge to shoegaze and classic rock and revers artists like Hole, Veruca Salt, Mazzy Starr, and Debbie Harry. Skeletosphere plans to place rock and roll into the hands of more queer artists while she expresses herself through vulnerable, gritty lyricism with an energetic sound.

Genre: Alternative Rock

Solo Artist Name: Skeletosphere

Fun Facts: Karla's favorite animal is a tiger! She only has one tattoo, her first language is Spanish, and she hates cherry-flavored things.

What Makes Skeletosphere stand out?

"I think my sound is both nostalgic and new. It invokes a sense of familiarity but is more inclusive of different life experiences than traditional rock. I also just have genuine fun with it, and I think people appreciate that."

Photo Credit: Nathalie Benshmuel

What has Skeletosphere been working on?

On February 9, 2023, Skeleosphere released her latest track, "Mean," A dream-pop single about the anxieties of falling in love and staying there.

What do you hope to be known for?

"I hope to be known for my lyrics and musical storytelling."

Photo Credit: Nathalie Benshmuel

Words From Karla Torres:

"I knew I wanted to make music since I was a little kid trying to get my hands on any

instrument to make noise. I first picked up the violin, then guitar, then started working in digital audio workstations. I found myself molded by my life experiences and by the

artists I grew up admiring. I’m constantly changing, finding new sounds, new ways to

make words rhyme — every new song is a chance for me to understand the world a

little better." Any advice for an aspiring musician?

"I’d tell other musicians that fear is the most natural part of this process. The anxiety

about diving headfirst into making music ends up being the most comforting thing about it because its the only thing that doesn’t change. Embrace the uncertain and play your fucking heart out."

Listen to Skeletosphere's "Mean"


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