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On The MIC with the Emergencies performing "Queen"

Made up of members Lindsay Sanchez (vocals, bass, keys) and Brendon Masters (guitar, keys), Emergencies bring fun energy to their alt-dance music. This week they're On The MIC to perform this upcoming but currently *unreleased* track, "Queen"!

Why the Emergencies Rocks

  • met in a Jersey City graveyard!

  • Alt-pop / dance-punk sound

  • Inspired by artists like Carley Rae Jepson and Karen O

  • have a few EPs on the way!

About "Queen"

"Brendon had this guitar progression and metallic drum beat demoed YEARS before we even met. He has multiple hard drives filled with demo ideas, giving each a proper song title to keep track. Typically once we start moving past the demo stage, the song titles change, but this file was named Killer Queen from its inception.

I didn't get that quick hit of inspiration for vocal melodies and lyrics when he first showed it to me, so I put that idea on the shelf. BUT out of all of Brendon's demos, this was the one he encouraged me to return to the most. He knew before I did that; eventually, this idea would be one of our favorite Emergencies songs.

Three years later, I came across the" Killer Queen" file on my computer by chance, and it finally started to click.

The demo title got me thinking that a "killer queen" is like the antithesis of a "chill girl." A relationship with this kind of woman is not going to be casual. It's going to be intense and challenging. It's going to leave both parties deeply vulnerable.

Pursuing this kind of relationship is potentially life-changing and would "kill" the person you were before it.

Once that theme was worked out, the song was completed in a few hours. And that's "Queen."" -Lindsay Sanchez of Emergencies

Check out the Emergencies performance "On The MIC" below!


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