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Meet: Lucid Dream The MIC's September Musician of the Month

Meet Lucid Dream

Lucid Dream Band

Photo Credit: Stuart Robertson

In the face of challenges ranging from broken snares mid-performance to a global pandemic and a burst appendix, a simple four-word mantra guides Lucid Dream through it all: "I Think It's Fine." This ethos fuels their long-awaited debut LP, "I Think It’s Fine?" produced by drummer Jake Richter. The band has encapsulated their journey into sonic form, creating a remarkable coming-of-age collection. A fusion of influences ranging from Green Day's energetic punk to Phoebe Bridgers' emotive style, Lucid Dream, with Cami Robertson on vocals and guitar, Meena Aspeytia on guitar, Alyson Valdez on bass and vocals, and Richter on drums, has evolved beyond San Diego's surf punk roots to forge a distinctive, emotional sound. From penning their first song at 15 to their garage recording sessions, the band's evolution is encapsulated in this album. "I Think It's Fine?" isn't just an album; it's a testament to friendship, growth, and the unyielding passion that drives Lucid Dream forward into a promising future.

Genre: Rock

Band Name: Lucid Dream


Cami Robertson: Vocals and Guitar

Alyson Valdez: Vocals and Bass

Meena Aspeytia: Guitar

Jake Richter: Drums and Percussion

Fun Facts: No one in Lucid Dream has ever lucid dreamed!

What Makes Lucid Dream stand out?

"As musicians, Lucid Dream stands out due to their extremely collaborative and egalitarian creative process. Everyone has an equal say in the creative process and is involved with writing and composing each track. While other bands may share a similar process, Lucid Dream stands out as a result of their capabilities to be in tune with their instruments and with each other."

Lucid Dream Band

Photo Credit: Gilbert Soto

What is Lucid Dream known for?

"Lucid Dream is known for their fast-paced performances with songs to both mosh to and songs to sit on the floor and ruminate to! The band aspires to break free from the surf rock-centric San Diego scene by creating more dynamic and free-form tracks."

What has Lucid Dream been working on?

The band's latest album, I Think It's Fine? was made available on all platforms on June 30th!

Words from Lucid Dream?

"Being a musician is very therapeutic and it allows you to reach out to other people in a way that touches their heartstrings." - Alyson Valdez, bassist and vocalist for Lucid Dream

Lucid Dream 'I Think It's Fine?"

Album Art: Cami Robertson

Do you have any advice for other aspiring independent musicians?:

"Respectfully, get any other hobby this is so hard. (Just Kidding) In all seriousness, making friends within your local music scene and genuinely connecting with the people who go to your shows is an amazing way to create a community around your music & be creatively fulfilled!" -Lucid Dream

Listen to Lucid Dream


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