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Monthly Roundup: What was on repeat this September at The MIC?

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

Welcome to The MIC's Monthly Roundup, where you can see what we've had on repeat all month long!

Lucid Dream:

LucidDream MMOTM

In the face of challenges ranging from broken snares mid-performance to a global pandemic and a burst appendix, a simple four-word mantra guides Lucid Dream through it all: "I Think It's Fine." A fusion of influences ranging from Green Day's energetic punk to Phoebe Bridgers' emotive style, Lucid Dream, with Cami Robertson on vocals and guitar, Meena Aspeytia on guitar, Alyson Valdez on bass and vocals, and Richter on drums, has evolved beyond San Diego's surf punk roots to forge a distinctive, emotional sound. From penning their first song at 15 to their garage recording sessions, the band's evolution is encapsulated in this album. "I Think It's Fine?" isn't just an album; it's a testament to friendship, growth, and the unyielding passion that drives Lucid Dream forward into a promising future. Read more about Lucid Dream here! Listen to Lucid Dream here:


Undecided Future "Look Up":

undecided future

"Our song "Look Up" was written in the living room at USC by all the band members. The song means to choose me, I’m all that you need, compared to the loser you’ve been dating. Don’t keep going down the wrong path. Choose me because the world is alive. I know I can put a smile on your face. Keep your eyeson the prize, and Look Up to the sky and follow your heart."

-Undecided Future

Read more about Undecided Future here. Watch Undecided Future's On the MIC episode here!


Stefan West "Take What You Need":

Stefan West 'Take What You Need'

Stefan West's "Take What You Need" starts strong with riffing guitar and tight drums, before West's smooth vocals enter. The track is compact, being 2:46, but carries depth in its arrangement and lyricism. The chorus has the synergy of a pop-punk track with the addition of horns. While the opening line outlines a sense of freedom of running away with a band on the road, you suddenly taste the agony of addiction and invisibility. Stefan West's"Take What You Need" is a poignant soul-searching journey that is lyrically heavy while being musically upbeat. Read more about "Take What You Need" here.

Stream Stefan West's "Take What You Need" here:


Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band:

Jai Winter "SNOWFALL"

Through the many decades Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band have performed together, Sunday night's MetLife show showed their musical connection is unrivaled and seemingly unchanged. They put on a classic rock and roll stadium show, with no frills and all hits.

Read more about the night here!

Find more videos of the night on The MIC's YouTube Channel


Jay Wood's Respire:

Jay Wood 'Respire'

Embrace the evocative melodies and resilient spirit of alt-indie acoustic singer-songwriter Jay Wood as she unveils her highly anticipated EP, Respire. Hailing from the vibrant musical landscape of Perth, Western Australia, Jay Wood's artistry has garnered comparisons to luminaries like Phoebe Bridgers and Missy Higgins, showcasing her unique blend of emotive storytelling and sonic innovation. With a remarkable journey of personal triumph at its core, 'Respire' is more than an EP—it's a testament to the human capacity for resilience, choice, and the pursuit of profound musical expression. Stef from The MIC sat down with Jay Wood to discuss her journey to Respire.

Read the interview here.

Listen to Jay Wood's Respire here:


Catch Me If You Can "Me Vs. The Lack of Context":

Catch Me If You Can-Ryan Hanratty OTM

"Me Vs. The Lack of Context" was a song that I started putting together lyrically about 2 years ago. I wouldn't say it's about anything specific, outside of maybe my very general observations about life today. To me though, it was more noticeable how I took reference from bands like Fountains of Wayne and Vampire Weekend while writing it. Not that I don't love those bands on their own but generally I pull inspiration from punk/folk punk-type acts. So I hope to see and am starting to see more changes in my musical influences which is always healthy, I think."- Ryan Hanratty

Read more about Catch Me If you Can here.

Watch Catch Me If You Can's On the MIC episode here!


BreakTime "She's The One":

"She's The One" BreakTime

In "She's The One," BreakTime has crafted a tribute to the past while adding their own modern flair, resulting in a track that is not only a nod to the classics but also a testament to their own musical flare.

Read more about BreakTime's "She's The One" here.

Stream BreakTime's "She's The One" here:


Ben Kai "twenties high"

Ben Kai "twenties high"

Ben Kai's "twenties high" is an emotionally charged plea that delves into the depths of existential dread. The youthful protagonist grapples with life's challenges by seeking solace in moments of intoxication, a state aptly described as "twenties high." The song maintains its momentum with robust production, allowing Ben Kai's passionate vocals to shine within the overarching indie rock ambiance.

Read more about Ben Kai's "twenties high" here .

Stream "twenties high" here:


All Around "Chaos Road":

All Around OTM

"Watch for bumps and cracks on the road, looks like you’ll be driving on chaos road" - All Around

Read more about All Around here.

Watch All Around's On the MIC episode here!


Sounds On The Couch Independent Discovery, Vol. 2:

Sounds On The Couch, Independent Discovery, Vol. 2

Sounds On The Couch's Independent Discovery Vol. 2 is a diverse and exciting musical journey, from the fun and catchy pop tunes of Sophia Petro and Jorja B to the introspective folk ballad "I'll Be There" by Timothy Wolf. The album explores indie jams with Kaiyah Mercedes, delves into synth-wave tracks like Danil's "These Thoughts," and showcases powerful, soul-filled vocals on Leela Misel's rock track "Switch." It also rocks out with Tillerman Pete's "Who Told Me" and Flint.'s "Stop." This compilation album is a global palette of empowered independent artists, offering a dynamic range of genres and strong performances in a playlist-style album. Press play and discover the world of independent music.

Read more about Independent Discovery, Vol. 2 here!

Listen to Independent Discovery, Vol. 2 here:


BreakTime "Love And Harmony":

BreakTime "Love And Harmony"

BreakTime's "Love And Harmony" delivers a sense of old-school fun and bliss without overthinking it. It captures the essence of carefree moments and evokes a feeling of pure enjoyment.

Read more about "Love And Harmony" here!

Listen to "Love And Harmony" here!


Sucker Punch "I'm Ready To Ride Giants, Kunu":

"I’m Ready To Ride Giants, Kunu"-Sucker Punch

Sucker Punch's "I’m Ready To Ride Giants, Kunu" opens with a gentle start, gradually building to a powerful, infectious chorus. The song cleverly blends softer pop-punk style vocals with moments of harsher vocals, evoking the inner monologue that often plays in one's mind or the "anxious inner narrations" referenced later in the bridge, sung by Can't Swim's Chris LoPorto. It's relatable, it's catchy, it's a track you'll have on repeat when you're having a bad day.

Read more about "I'm Ready To Ride Giants, Kunu" here!

Listen to Sucker Punch's "I'm Ready To Ride Giants, Kunu" here!


Dirty Mitts "Women":

Dirty Mitts "Women"

In the realm of music, there are those who scrub and scrub, trying to wash away the mundane, but the stubborn dirt of conformity just won't budge. Enter Dirty Mitts, a powerhouse four-piece band whose sonic prowess knows no bounds. Hailing from the diverse landscapes of the UK, Poland, and Egypt, they came together in 2022, with an unbridled passion for blistering rock'n'roll. Through the alchemy of bluesy undertones, vintage vibes, and an infectious energy, Dirty Mitts have concocted a musical potion that compels audiences to rise and dance. Their track record speaks volumes, with hits like "You Better Run! (Villains Theme)," "My Show," and "Ball & Chain" amassing over 1000 radio plays worldwide and more than 100,000 Spotify streams. Rooted in a rich tapestry of musical experiences, this gifted ensemble shares a singular vision: to craft a sound that pays homage to the titans of rock. This week Stef sat down with Dirty Mitts to discuss their latest single, "Women."

Read the Five Fast Facts with Dirty Mitts here.

Listen to "Women" here!


Dogs In A Pile "Fenway":

Dogs In A Pile OTM

"Fenway is a track that was written about the neighborhood we lived in while attending school at Berklee in Boston, MA. Thanks for listening!" - Dogs In A Pile

Read more about Dogs In A Pile here.

Watch Dogs In A Pile's On the MIC episode here!


All Systems Go "The Lowdown":

"I’m Ready To Ride Giants, Kunu"-Sucker Punch

All Systems Go's latest track, "The Lowdown," bursts with energetic vocals that grip your attention from the start. Backed by tight drumming and sharp guitar riffs, the song effortlessly channels the nostalgic energy of pop-punk. "The Lowdown" evokes the spirit of the Vans Warped Tour, making it feel like a sonic journey to the peak of the pop-punk scene..

Read more about "The Lowdown" here!

Listen to All Systems Go's "The Lowdown" here!


Lou Panico "The Lowdown":

Lou Panico "SMH"

Lou Panico's"SMH" is a flirty and fun end-of-summer bop. The music video is a hilarious tongue-in-cheek depiction of summer love on the beach, complete with even a Baywatch reference! It's an upbeat, singalong earworm of a tune, that will have you wishing summer could just last a little bit longer.

Read the interview and watch the music video here.

Watch "SMH" here!


Loyalty to Me "Nuisance":

Loyalty to Me OTM

"Nuisance is about feeling like a burden on the world and learning to accept your faults and flaws. It’s something everyone can relate to in their own way." -Loyalty to Me

Read more about Loyalty to Me here.

Watch Loyalty to Me's On the MIC episode here!


Other Fun Things The MIC Did In September:

Eric Clapton's Crossroads Guitar Festival

The MIC Guitar Picks

Clapton's Crossroads proved to be more than just a concert—it was a celebration of the guitar's enduring legacy and the power of music to unite and heal. Saturday night was an incredible who's-who of the best guitar players in the game. Audiences were treated to a diverse palette of every genre, every scale and style of guitar playing, learning that it's true, you can never have too many guitar solos. Read the full review of the night here.

Find more videos of the night on The MIC's YouTube Channel


YouTube #Shorts

John Mayer Trio "Wait Until Tomorrow" Crossroads Guitar Festival

Bruce Springsteen Thunder Road Live at MetLife

Bruce Springsteen Jungleland Live at MetLife

Bruce Springsteen The Rising Live at MetLife

Bruce Springsteen Backstreets Live at MetLife

Bruce Springsteen and Jake Clemons Mary's Place at MetLife

Bruce Springsteen Atlantic City Live at MetLife

Bruce Springsteen Nightshift Live at MetLife

Bruce Springsteen and Jake Clemons Spirit in the Night Live at MetLife

Bruce Springsteen Jamming

Joe Bonamassa and John McLaughlin "Cause We've Ended as Lovers" Crossroads

Samantha Fish, Eric Gales "I Put a Spell on You" Crossroads

Thanks for seeing what we've been up to and listening to in September; stay tuned for October!


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