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NEW Genre Spotify Playlists! Pop, Rock, R&B and more!

In our May Monthly Roundup, we mentioned that we've started new genre playlists. As July kicks off, the playlists continue to grow with some of our old favorites and new friends. Below we've listed all of our new playlists for you to listen to, so go give those a 'like' on Spotify! If you have any suggestions on new independent or emerging artists we should add to our playlists, let us know. We'll be more than happy to check 'em out! You can always send us a message here or contact us @themicnj on social media!

An oldie but a goodie, The MIC's Summer Sizzle playlist. Slap on the sunscreen and listen to the hot hits of the summer.


Snap, Crackle, POP and FIZZ! The MIC's POP and Fizz Playlist, serving up all of those sugary sweet pop tunes to fix your cravings.


Relax to the acoustic musings of The MIC's Folksy Tunes playlist!


They're sultry, they're moody, they're all the R&Bees you needs. The MIC's R&Bees playlist will have you buzzing.


Pop punk is back, and it's back BIG. Listen to The MIC's Punk 'N Pals playlist for our favorite tracks from this nostalgic genre!


The MIC's Rock ON (and Roll) playlist will have you rocking all night long. From classic rock to alt rock influenced, we got you covered.


Rap City, Rap Rap City! Listen to The MIC's Rap City playlist to hear the best bars from up and coming rappers!


Don't forget to!

& Message us here for any playlist suggestions!


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