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On The MIC with Anthony Carreras: "Lonely Boy" The Black Keys Cover

Houston singer-songwriter Anthony Carreras hops On The MIC this week to deliver a captivating cover of The Black Keys' "Lonely Boy."

Why Anthony Carreras Rocks:

  • singer-songwriter and guitarist

  • loves blending quick and thoughtful lyrics with off-beat and funky guitar rhythms! Like, if John Mayer and Lin-Manuel Miranda had a baby

  •  Took classical piano lessons from age 9 to 18

  • has a doctoral degree in Philosophy!

Why Anthony Carreras chose "Lonely Boy"

"I chose this song because the lyrics resonate with me deeply. To me it’s about a broken relationship, a failed love, yet the main character can’t let it go and instead marinates in the tragedy of it all. I guess that speaks to my relationship history! I’ve also lately had a lot of fun doing slow and dark renditions of fast paced indie rock and pop songs."

  Check out Anthony Carreras's performance "On The MIC" below!


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