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On The MIC with Barbara performing "Sneaking around"

This week Barbara, also known as DJ Barbs takes us into the studio for an exclusive On The MIC performance of her track, "Sneaking around"!

Why Barbara Rocks

  • Bay area DJ, known as DJ Barbs

  • also singer-songwriter, producer extraordinaire

  • known for her joy and funky uplifting music

  • blends genres as a DJ and solo artist

  • Fun Fact: Barbara has two different colors eyes, known as heterochromia, which occurs in less than 1 %of the population!

About "Sneaking around" "Sneaking around is exactly what it suggests :) It’s inspired by my curious and adventurous youth when I and this guy would sneak out. I remember always knowing it was time to head home just about when the street lights turned on and that feeling of the thrill of not knowing if we’d get caught was so exhilarating. I’d go to his place, he’d come to mine, we’d meet at the park or in his car. I remember he always wore old spice, had a really smooth leather couch, and was a great kisser. I learned so much from our time spent together. The song definitely brings me back to my high school days living in Medford and the smell of sprinklers and wet grass. Sneaking, sexy Americana summer." - Barbara

Check out Barbara's performance "On The MIC" below!


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