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On The MIC with Becky Crosby performing "Love Like Medicine"

This week, step into Becky Crosby's backyard and hear an exclusive live performance of her track, "Love Like Medicine" live On The MIC!

Why Becky Crosby Rocks

  • pop funk artist from Montclair NJ

  • Draws inspiration from her extensive background in jazz, classical, and contemporary music

  • recently completed her studies in Jazz at Purchase College

  • influenced by Paramore, P!nk, The 1975, Miley Cyrus, and Silk Sonic

  • their debut LP out TOMORROW!

About "Love Like Medicine"

"Love Like Medicine is my favorite song that I have written so far. Lyrically, It’s a slightly darker take on a love song but musically it keeps up a funky upbeat feel. I am so happy with how this song came out and am so excited to share it with everyone!" -Becky Crosby

Check out Becky Crosby's performance "On The MIC" below!


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