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On The MIC with Bobby Mahoney performing "Moth to a Flame"

Kick off the start to your weekend with Bobby Mahoney of Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son performing an acoustic rendition of his track, "Moth to the Flame"!

Why Bobby Mahoney Rocks

  • singer-songwriter

  • has shared the stage with the likes of Bon Jovi, Against Me! Frank Turner, and The Gaslight Anthem

  • toured the East Coast & Midwest

  • frontman of Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son Current line up: Bobby Mahoney (Guitar, Vocals), Andrew Saul (Guitar, Vocals), Jon Chang-Soon (Bass, Vocals), and James McIntosh (Drums)

About "Moth to the Flame"

"In March 2020, Andrew [Saul] and I went into New York City to record some song play-through/explanation videos with Joe Pom. It was a typical session- long and late-but we successfully captured what we needed to. We are no strangers to late-night drives, especially coming back to Jersey from the studio in NYC. Reflection, deliberation, and inspiration would often take place on those drives. I dropped Andrew off in Keasbey and headed the remainder of the trip down the Turnpike back to East Brunswick.

I got back to my parents' house at an ungodly hour and tried to make as little noise as possible. While taking off my boots beside my bed, the phrase "climbing into bed at 6 am, insanity tells me to do it all again" came to mind, and I immediately wrote it down, then went to sleep.

I am not sure how long that line stayed in my phone notes, but around the same time, I was fumbling around with an Asus2 chord and some versions of a lick based around it. At some point in the coming days or weeks, I sat down with one of my grandfather's acoustic guitars and came up with the main skeleton of the chorus. I was reflecting on living a life in the arts, with all the wonderful experiences it brings, as well as the hours of sleep lost and the well-known drawbacks, recognizing that while it is something we need to do, caring for our mental health is paramount. Creating music, or art in any capacity, is incredible- it enriches everything, but it is also very easy to get lost in chasing numbers, eyes, and ears. This song is a (love?) letter to the creative life, the ups, and downs, and it encourages others to embrace their creative voice/vision. We don't have a choice in the need to create, but like everything else- it comes with the need to find balance. That said, I am privileged to get to do this, and wouldn't have it any other way." -Bobby Mahoney.

Check out Bobby Mahoney's performance "On The MIC" below!


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