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On The MIC with Catch Me If You Can performing *unreleased track* "Me Vs. The Lack of Context"

This week, we are so excited to welcome Ryan Hanratty (and his pup, Teddy!) On The MIC performing his currently *UNRELEASED* track, "Me Vs. The Lack of Context"!

Why Catch Me If You Can Rocks

  • solo acoustic project of Ryan Hanratty

  • influenced by Frank Turner, Against Me!, and Third Eye Blind

  • played in many great rooms like Debonair Music Hall, The Court Tavern, The Founders’ Room @ The Paramount, Flemington DIY

  • currently celebrating 10 years of the project!

About "Me Vs. The Lack of Context" "Me Vs. The Lack of Context" was a song that I started putting together lyrically about 2 years ago. I wouldn't say it's about anything specific, outside of maybe my very general observations about life today. To me though, it was more noticeable how I took reference from bands like Fountains of Wayne and Vampire Weekend while writing it. Not that I don't love those bands on their own but generally I pull inspiration from punk/folk punk-type acts. So I hope to see and am starting to see more changes in my musical influences which is always healthy, I think." - Ryan Hanratty

Check out Catch Me If You Can's performance "On The MIC" below!


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