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On The MIC with Cold Weather Company performing "Golden Hour"

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

We're SO excited to welcome Cold Weather Company On The MIC this week! They take us to their backyard for an exclusive live performance of "Golden Hour," the first track off their last record, Coalescence. Bask in the rays of Steve, Brian and Jeff's performance of "Golden Hour" below!

Why Cold Weather Company Rocks

  • they're an NJ-based alternative folk band

  • perform as a trio (two guitars, one keyboard) but will include up to seven pieces featuring saxophone, violin, bass, and drums

  • have four full length records! in addition to their singles & covers

  • Jeff plays the guitar upside down & backwards

About "Golden Hour"

""Golden Hour" tries to capture the determination and spirit of the talented friends in our Cold Weather Collective. Despite chronic injuries and other hardships, these friends continued to pursue their creative passions, becoming incredible motivators—not only to me but to each other—through many difficult months." -Steve, Cold Weather Company

Check out Cold Weather Company's performance "On The MIC" below!


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