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On The MIC with Heather Cook performing "Waking Up"

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

This week NJ native Heather Cook steps On The MIC to perform one of her tracks off her recently released debut album! Here's "Waking Up"!

Why Heather Cook Rocks

  • singer-songwriter

  • just released her debut full-length album Quick! No One's Looking on Weird Sister Records

  • album is "an emotional retrospective on the moments you replay in your head when you can’t sleep: a missed opportunity, the smile of someone you miss, a silent drive with your best friend."

About "Waking Up"

""Waking Up" was written during a time when I thought I could cure my own heartbreak by taking a trip to the west coast. I was very convinced that waking up in a new city where nobody knows me could make my problems disappear, but as I mentioned in the lyrics, if time doesn't fix it neither will distance. The song was recorded at AGL Sounds in Cherry Hill, New Jersey with my producer, Doug Gallo, who was able to capture the melancholic atmosphere I envisioned by putting some nice ethereal tones on the guitar and piano. Savan Sekhon added the low basslines that haunt the background of the song. Now it can be found on all streaming platforms! " -Heather Cook

Check out Heather Cook's performance "On The MIC" below!


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